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    For those of you with SiriusXM service, there is a little game they like to play at renewal time. Mine was set to renew automatically to my credit card later this week. I received a notice in the mail stating the price would be approx $175 for the year. I called customer care and asked for a lower price and was told that there is no lower price. If you tell them you are going to cancel because it is too expensive, they will send you to the cancellation folks who then offer you the $96 deal. Works every time!!!!
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    It's fun to beat them at their little shell game.

    My latest SiriusXM bluff standoff yielded 1 year of subscription for BOTH my car and my wife's, for $69 (just under $3/month for each of us).
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    I followed this advice on a similar thread on this same message board a few years back. I guess I caught a particularly indifferent retention person because when I said I was cancelling and they sent me to the retention department, the person I spoke with said "OK" and they offered me no deals.

    I subsequently terminated SiriusXM and have not missed it.

    Just wanted to say this is not full proof and does not work everytime.
  4. BigWill

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    I cancelled and got an email offering me service for 5 bucks a month.
  5. l00p

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    Most excellent. A co-worker and I were talking about this yesterday in his new truck. He has the trial subscription that will run out in a couple of months. Told him about this and he's going to give it a try.
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    Cancelled mine and got the same email as BigWill.
  7. BigWill

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    and, a 30 day trial for smartphone/computer can be had easily. Over, and over, and over. Just need a different email address each time.

    The Stern Bday party was worth the price of a year subscription, BTW.

    Off the ******* charts.

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