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    This is crap. Like it was an “accident”. The DC police (plural) used tear gas and lied about. For a year.
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    There exists a theory that this person painted on her own property. I have no idea. But, wouldn't a sitting member of Congress who's car had already been vandalized months ago have security cameras? My neighbor gets a picture of me when I go get his trash to take to the curb. He sends it to me and says "thanks". He's a law and order Republican, I'm a filthy lefty. We get along fine.

    The quote from the article: “I can see some crazy lefty doing this,” one of my Washington, D.C. sources told me late Tuesday. “But in South Carolina? And to her? I hate to think this way but something does seem kinda off about it.”

    GraffitiGate: The Latest Nancy Mace Vandalism Saga Has People Pointing Fingers In Every Direction

    Also, the symbols are anarchist, not "Antifa". That's what they told me at the meeting last night.
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    I believe the plural for "police" is "policeses", but I'm unsure of the singular form.

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    Polici would be the plural form.
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    Ahh, yes! That's why I'm a finance guy.

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    what would you use???
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    So what you're saying is Portland will have a Leisurely Response Team?
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