Smoking Barbrcue Thread

Discussion in 'Rusty's Grill' started by BevoQ, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. mb227

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    I don't consider Spring Creek to be barbecue to begin with...

    Too often, when I see something with no smoke ring, it tells me it was not a 'low and slow' cook. I also often see it with something other than mesquite, and perhaps it is me being a big fan of mesquite that enters the equation...

    I would also add that, save for Pinkertons, I generally try to avoid chain brisket. I used to get Rudy's extra moist but then they started putting in literal chunks of fat which inflated the weight. As the chain expanded, they ALSO lost their consistency in product...
  2. horninchicago

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    Yeah, SC is Gawd awful.

    I use hickory, but yes cooking brisket "fast" will reduce the smoke ring. To clarify, good barbecue will have a smoke ring, but not all barbecue with a smoke ring is good.

    Last Rudy's I was at was last year when I drove back here from Fort Worth. Stopped at the one in Norman. Didn't realize it was 2 miles off the highway literally across the street from ou. Anyway, I thought it was still pretty darn good.
  3. mb227

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    I ALMOST stopped at the one in Chandler last Monday...but it turned out the exit was one of those mix-master sorts of things and I didn't want to have to try and determine which direction to go or how to get back to the interstate...

    And, it isn't like I don't have them nearby anyhow LOL!
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  4. nashhorn

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    Had to laugh mb cause often on my trips from Katy to Tenn (and back again) I have to do some serious thinking as to which direction I need to take getting back to the Interstate.
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  5. Sangre Naranjada

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    The tri-tip or his ex-wife?
  6. horninchicago

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  7. X Misn Tx

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    Here's an interesting article in HiC's favor.

    The Science of the Smoke Ring

    So it could be, since my dad really only uses pecan, that the differences in his were the bark and the temp of the meat when he put it on.
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  8. horninchicago

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    Lol, I think I have read that before.

    Yeah, I get my fire going, trim the brisket, rub it, and by that time it is close to room temp on the outside. Interesting.
  9. AC

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    Soon, maybe this weekend, I’m gonna smoke a brisket before meat gets to $40/ lb. Love smoking brisket!
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  10. horninchicago

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    I have one in the fridge and plan to smoke it tomorrow.
  11. X Misn Tx

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    i was just calculating the time it takes for me to smoke a pastrami out of the freezer. it's a long freaking time.
    thaw for 3-4 days
    trim the brisket and make the brine
    brine 5-7 days
    rinse, pat dry, and rub
    sous vide 1.25 days
    ice bath and frig over night .5 days
    pat dry and re-add some rub
    smoke for 3 hours (with cold meat for the pink ring lol)
    rest it in my cooler for 2-3 hours

    I better start prepping for ouSUX
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  12. horninchicago

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    Yes the brisket I have went in the fridge Friday.
  13. mb227

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    Wait...wut?!?! OJ is a member here?
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  14. mb227

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    Turning from brisket to other items...

    I've been a member/subscriber with Butcher Box for a few years. One of the things I have gotten a few of were their culotte cuts. In making some room in the freezer, I had thawed one and hoped I would get to play with the pit this weekend. Weather didn't cooperate, so it was in the oven this go-round.

    When these turn out good, it is like a mini-prime rib in some respects...

    Put some cuts into the fat cap last night and hit it with some seasonings. Non-fat-cap side also got some of the rub I use for briskets. I cut back on the garlic this time around since it was overwhelming on the last one of these I did.

    Into the oven at about 250 for 45 minutes fat-cap up and then flipped it for another 50 minutes. Pulled it out and pan-seared for about a minute on each side, including the fat-cap. Back in the oven except this time with the broiler on for about five minutes, only on the fat-cap up.

    Those few minutes with the broiler did wonders at melting the remnants of the fat cap.

    Alas, no pics...I did not think to take them before I began wolfing it a few slices at a time LOL!
  15. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    Sounds good.
  16. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    This was from a few days ago, but it it is still good.

    Good smoke ring, good brisket.

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  17. AC

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    This is my best brisket yet! Very tender, no sauce or knife needed.
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  18. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    Nice work on the brisket.

    It's not BBQ, but I've done a few things on a salt block. You heat them up in the oven, or on the grill, then cook directly on the salt.

    I heat mine in the oven, then cook 1/4 inch sliced steak strips on them, while the dinner guest ooo and ahh. Takes about a minute on each side, and they come out very well. Plus fills the house up with the smells of cooking steak, which is hard to beat.
  19. Chop

    Chop 5,000+ Posts

    Cross-posting this from another thread. Below is a brisket that Lincoln Riley smoked (for real). Looks a tad on the dry side...

    Better mince this one up, put some sloppy joe sauce on it and serve it on buns to the kids at the potluck dinner.
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  20. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Or better yet, just feed it to the dogs.
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  21. mb227

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    What did the dogs do to deserve such abuse?
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  22. AC

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    Smoking ribs soon. Need to smoke a game hen soon to practice for my smoked Turkey on TG! Pictures coming. Maybe late this weekend upcoming. See if I can find a few Game Hen's at HEB. Ribs will be 11/12 before I go hunting with Family.
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  23. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    Ribs I did a couple weeks ago.


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  24. Duck Dodgers

    Duck Dodgers 1,000+ Posts

    Nice looking ribs above.

    Here are mine. I call them my 6 hour, 3-2-1 ribs.

    I start off with baby back pork ribs. I like the more meaty aspect of them compared to spare ribs.

    Peel the membrane off the back. Dry brine with salt the night before.

    Right before putting them on the grill, rub with mustard, then a spice rub with brown sugar and white sugar (for making the bark), garlic powder, chili powder, red and black pepper, and whatever other hot spices I want to that day.

    Onto the ceramic grill, 225 to 250 F, indirect heat, water pan below (heat the water up to boiling or so to avoid it sucking up the heat), and cook for 3 hours, meat side up.

    Take ribs off, wrap in foil with butter and spicy honey on the meat side, back on the grill for 2 hours, meat side down.

    Take ribs off, collect drippings from the foil to add in with BBQ sauce (I use Stubs as it's not sickly sweet like some are), then ribs back on the grill for 1 hour. Sauce with BBQ / drippings the last 15 minutes.

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  25. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    I have heard of the 3-2-1 method. I just go by look and feel. Those above, I think, were 3 hours in the smoke, wrapped in foil, then 2 hours. Rest.
  26. AC

    AC 2,500+ Posts

    Smoked Chickens I did before TG.
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  27. AC

    AC 2,500+ Posts

    Here's the other one. My smoked Chicken was better than the smoked Turkey on TG. Followed Aaron Franklin's recipe.
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  28. KillerHorn

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    I slow cooked venison skirt steak in black iron Dutch oven in fire pit for 6 hours. Was fantastic, very tender. Got recipe from wild game chef Jessie Griffiths website. Season steak, layer with bacon or ground sausage, add chopped onions and peppers, roll it up and bind with string, add beef broth to pot and let it simmer, low and slow

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