Smoking Hamburgers

Discussion in 'Rusty's Grill' started by georgecostanza, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. georgecostanza

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    Have you ever tried it? I haven't, but the idea won't get out of my head. I'm going to have to try it soon to see what it's like. Anyone have any pointers?
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    I don't know but it sounds wonderful.
  3. georgecostanza

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    So, I finally smoked a few burgers today. The experiment went very well. The burgers had a definite smoke flavor and they were extremely juicy.

    I used a standard 80/20 ground chuck. The only seasoning I used is salt and pepper. I had them smoking at about 250 for 45 minutes and they were done. Also, the patties were never flipped. By leaving them be all of the juices that accumulate on top of the burger have an opportunity to sink back into the burger and help prevent drying out.

    I made the patties pretty thin. I would have liked to have had them be thicker. Obviously, thicker patties would result in a longer cook time. I would imagine that thicker patties would have resulted in some super juicy burgers. Some sturdier buns may be required if you're going to form your patties 3/4 to 1 inch thick.

    I think I know what my pre-game meal is going to be next week.
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