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    This is always the time of the year when it seems like we just signed the next national championship class and have a bunch of verbals from the next national championship class.
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    After my Bama rant above, I must say that I am very excited that Smythe chose UT. Very good get. [​IMG]
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    a beast!! welcome, Mr Smythe!! [​IMG]
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    His dad did his undergrad at Baylor and went to TAMU med school.

    Glad to have this kid. : [​IMG]
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    So that's why they're ragging on him over on fan is well-known for turning on their own, and I guess that also includes sons of their own. Smythe's a huge add for next year's class.
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    ...aggie had a med school during Smyhtes father college life?....fact check please...
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    Keep reading and looking at these links - is he 6'3" or is he 6'6"?
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    That is just stupid. Students generally affiliate much more closely with their undergrad institution. When people go to a graduate school that isn't on the main campus, they usually have little affiliation and affinity for the undergrad athletics of where they attend.

    That is true. In college I once had two professors that had done undergraduate work at Texas A&M and got their masters and PHD degrees at UT but still were Aggie fans for life poor devils.

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