Snowden granted asylum in Russia

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by djimaplon, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Now you're actively trying not to understand what I am saying. I get that you like the US to project global power. Just respond to what I actually wrote though.

    Exactly. Just as I said.
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    And Deez is just brain-washed. :idk:
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    I've already explained my rationale on the core topic.
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    Snowden faced a dilemma.
    1. He was breaking the law by revealing classified information.
    2. He was abetting an unconstitutional process by performing his job.

    Snowden made the choice that #2 took priority over #1. You apparently either think choice #1 was more important or you think there was no violation of the Constitution by his employer (the US Government contracting out to his security employer).

    And so we disagree. Putin has nothing to do with argument.
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    That wasn't the dilemma he faced. That's the dilemma he claims to have faced.

    It has something to do with Snowden's credibility and intentions and of course, yours.
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    Putin is my first cousin. We are related and I am a billionaire. And we both control the US Presidency.

    You are totally delusional. Loser.
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    I knew it... BTW, I called it first!
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    What is it about Russians that makes them do this over and over?

    Russian billionaire Valery Kogan has put his mansion in Caesarea, Israel, which was completed just a few years ago, up for sale for only $258 million.
    The gaudiness is always staggering
    Caesarea, Israel, Israel – Luxury Home For Sale


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    Looks a lot like my garage, wonder if he copied?
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