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    Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia.....THESE are our piers....THESE are the teams we recruit with....THESE are the teams that will be playing for all the marbles (maybe not all of them)….BUT, they are playing at a standard that if you watch them in the morning and catch our game in the afternoon the ONLY thing that is the same is the PIGSKIN.
    ALL OF THESE SCHOOLS work their talent into a skilled, precise team with PLAYS and SCHEMES that catch people off guard...THAT WIN GAMES!!!

    I watch our games and we are so frick'n predictable it is mind-numbing.....we have gone through this season making teams that have NO ONE ON THE ENTIRE TEAM that we even considered making an offer to LOOK LIKE FRICK'N Heisman candidates on both sides of the ball....

    WHATEVER is going on is not WORKING!!! To have a coach tell a TEXAS FAN BASE that "WINNING IS HARD & WINNING on the road is ESPECIALLY HARD"===are you FRICK'n KIDDING ME!!!??? Can one person imagine Coach Royal saying those words? or Barry Switzer? And we are supposed to buy into that??? HELL NO!!!

    What staff goes into the o.u. game thinking that what you beat them with the precious year will work perfectly AGAIN...…??? then, when it doesn't work....has no PLAN B???!!!!l

    TWO "telling" SIGNS in his first year that I questioned his common sense were his making fun of the Missouri QB and the suspender jestures and then there was the BIZERK COACH that went flying onto the field (ala Woody Hayes) at the Oklahoma State game last year....both incidents are not indicative of someone that is aware of his surroundings and what is the right thing to do IN THE MOMENT.....

    IN THE MOMENT, Herman is a failure in his GAME DAY DECISIONS....he makes every team we face and every coach we face look like brilliant strategist playing with the best players every assembled....while are guys are flagged repeatedly ALL GAME LONG....EVERY FRICK'n GAME.....
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    ....and we have him until 2023 thanks to Fenves and our Regents. FOUR losses got him that deal. Texas needs to take down the sign that says something about not entrusting things to the weak and the timid.
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    Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia.....THESE are our piers.
    Maybe with the last two recruiting classes but not before. Each one of these teams has been racking up the signings of high quality recruits for years. Texas is not on this list. Two more years and we're closer. But. Not. Yet.
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