So who's next?

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by I35, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. I35

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    Let's keep this rolling and finish "Strong"
  2. dillohorn

    dillohorn Guest

    More Florida guys?
  3. HornSwoggler

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    Still have about 8 spots available.

    I'd like to see:

    1 RB - Warren
    3 DBs
    1 DE
    1 DT
    1 WR
    1 LB - Wheeler or Holland
  4. I35

    I35 5,000+ Posts

    Do we have any chance of getting Daylon Mack to decommit from Aggy? Our two newest boys are now tweeting for him to jump ship and come along. We could use this guy at DT to fill in for Malcom Brown most likely going to the pros.
  5. 3nnsang

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    Word has it that Jefferson and McNeal are working on flipping Mack from atm !!! Let's do this !!
  6. idahohorn

    idahohorn 250+ Posts

    Rut ro, his twitter is showing he decommitted 15 minutes ago and will release his top two teams tomorrow.
  7. Garydee

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    I'm willing to bet Mack's coming to us. [​IMG]
  8. idahohorn

    idahohorn 250+ Posts

    Looks like it will be between LSU and us. In our favor, he grew up a horn fan.
  9. VYFan

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    Daylon Mack's videos are awesome. Looks like Suh.
  10. mojo17

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    Mack officially decommitted per texags
  11. accuratehorn

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    If the next commit is Daylon Mack, we will be on a roll.
  12. I35

    I35 5,000+ Posts

    Malik and McNeal are already showing their leadership and they haven't even signed the letter of Intent. Come on aboard Daylon.
  13. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    aggy recruiting just blinked AGAIN... Mack is next to defect to "our friends at the state capital" [​IMG]
  14. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Catholic like Sarkisian

    We need to start plucking kids from Vermont!
  15. kbrown

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    I hate that we lost Weathersby for whatever reason so if there is still a good olineman out there hope they are watching! We are gonna have 6 or 7 experienced oline next year....need depth....can't believe Riser is gonna be a junior and saw no playing time this year....Harrison?
  16. Dionysus

    Dionysus Idoit Admin

    Daylon Mack. Fastest 300lb guy you’ve ever seen.

    YouTube Video
  17. dalhorn1

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    Next up--

    Aledo WR Ryan Newsome?

    Kris Boyd from Gilmer? (edited b/c brother is only a Jr)

    I have no guess as to where Daylon Mack ends up, but he's going to hurt people wherever he chooses.
  18. eastexhorn

    eastexhorn 250+ Posts

    Everyone is forgeting the TE position. Need help there bad.
  19. kbrown

    kbrown 1,000+ Posts

    Easttex .... Or next tight end might be our current qb......3 years available....McFarland ...1 year left....a ijc guy too....ain't many tight ends out there although I hear ya....boy a David Thomas would be handy....
  20. WorsterMan

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    aggy recruiting is in complete FREE FALL!

    The Eyes of TEXAS are upon CFS and staff

    I think we have a shot, maybe a long shot at Allen QB Kyler Murray.

    The Charlie Strong Express is gaining ramming speed!!! [​IMG]
  21. Mesohorny

    Mesohorny 1,000+ Posts

    Re TE

    Texas is still being considered by two Rivals 4*:
    Chris Clark / Avon CT / 6'5" 253# 4.72 / #1 overall / Texas is High on his list with Mich and UCLA

    Devonaire Clarington / Miami / 6'5" 224# / #11 OA / Med. on his list along with 23 other schools. Isn't he one of Cherry's buds who visited and was in the pic Cherry tweeted?

    Either would be nice to get.

  22. HornSwoggler

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    I intended to include a TE in my list but went braindead trying to look at roster, commits and possibles. TE is a big need. UT TEs have some potential but nothing proven at this point. There are a couple good ones with UT offers - Clark and Clarington.

    I have wondered about current commit Ath Louis Brown .
    Is he a possibility at the TE position?
    6'6" and 205#. Needs more meat on his bones to be able to do much line blocking.
  23. ViperHorn

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  24. I35

    I35 5,000+ Posts

    Worster, I think Kyler went from 100% Aggy to 51% Aggy with what has happened in the Aggy recruiting meltdown. They still have the slightest of edge but his recent tweets means the rest of college football has the 49% chance at getting him. Not sure how he feels about the Horns considering he probably grew up hating the Horns due to his dad Kevin. But I'd sure welcome him with open arms if he signed on with the Horns.
  25. Orangeblood

    Orangeblood 1,000+ Posts

    Current rumor is KM decommitting tomorrow.

    Probably headed to the Ducks.
  26. I35

    I35 5,000+ Posts

    OB, if that is true, then has there ever been a tsunami of decommitted players from one team in a 3 day period like what has happened to Aggy? I'd say Penn St after the child molester but they didn't have a highly ranked class like Aggy "had."
  27. ViperHorn

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  28. NBHorn7

    NBHorn7 Pimp Daddy

    Another thing about Murray to remember is that he is a very good baseball prospect like his dad and uncle were.

    He could be drafted high and be offered some big bucks to play baseball. I wonder if he has any ideas about playing baseball in college? Paging Calvin to put in a good word for the Horns.

    TE prospect Chris Clark, is having an OV on the 23rd, the same day Mack is still scheduled, and Omenihu. Omenihu could do some recruiting that day and maybe Jefferson could make a phone call.
  29. WorsterMan

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    To play off NBHorn7 comments, I am not giving up on the long shot of getting Murray. For those of you that don't know. His Uncle Calvin Murray was an stud All-American for the Horns baseball team. Dad and aggy will probably win out, but I am fairly confident Calvin has been planting seeds in his mind to play baseball for a serious college program with 6 NC's and tons of guys to the Pros... we will see.
  30. Joe Fan

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    Followup to the Clark recruiting story


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