Social Media can cause depression

Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by HornyBill, Nov 19, 2018.

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    My daughter deletes any posts that dont receive enough likes mostly from people she's never met. I've tried to teach her that the only people that matter are her real life friends, but shes obsessed with being liked by everyone. I could definitely see this causing depression for some people.....nobody likes me.
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    It causes depression for multiple reasons but I still can't quit it.
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    I believe that. Facebook reinforces popularity contests. I'm on Facebook with quite a few friends from high school and it's obvious whose' popular and who isn't. Sometimes it's just as simple as seeing who gets the most likes for posting a sunset picture. There are also people who post links to Go Fund Me requests for themselves/family and unfortunately, you can see how much they collect. One person started complaining about it because she said everyone was letting her down. It was for her husband who nobody has met (married him later in life). She had been posting that he was unemployed for eighteen months, then he gets hurt or something. So she wanted $5K. I think she might have received $800 total.
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    "Social media can cause depression."

    Yeah, especially on this sort of website the day after a disappointing Longhorn loss.
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