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    Any thoughts on this year, we lost a lot last year......
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    Not sure, but my daughter is dying to be a bat girl for a game. Contacted the university and waiting on an email to come out.
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    Won the first one 15-0.

    Edit 1

    2-2going into Sunday's game.

    Edit 2

    Beat ASU today so 3-2 for the season. Looks like Texas needs one more pitcher to step up.
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    Texas Taps
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    02/13/15 09:20 PM
    Re: Softball

    Walked the Shockers to a come from behind victory [​IMG]

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    02/14/15 09:32 AM
    Re: Softball

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    Walked the Shockers to a come from behind victory

    Yeah that is what happened, but I will give Clark a break on this one. She had to find out the freshman's limits and if she could come through. Looks like 6 innings was the limit and she didn't come through.

    Better find this out now than later in the season.
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    02/14/15 01:37 PM
    Re: Softball

    That loss is on Coach Clark, should have take Wright out earlier, she had lost it, no need to be in that situtation

    Texas Taps
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    02/14/15 06:34 PM
    Re: Softball

    Sweet redemption today [​IMG]

    I love you LHN, be my Valentine

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