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    How could they not list Brackenridge vs Lee 1963 as a memorable game? You can read about it in your 1970 edition of DCTF. It's worth the read.
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    Most watched HS football game of all time. SAISD should have sold copies, but there were no video players.

    Our coach borrowed a copy of the film for a day to show to us. He actually wanted to rent the local movie theatre but the tape wasn't suitable for the "big screen".

    Another that has to be on the list is the 1955 Garland/Port Neches 3A State Championship game in Garland. Garland had Bobby Boyd (OU/Baltimore Colts) vs the Coonass Combo of Bobby Laborde & Gordon LeBouef. Former Texas Assistant Coach & later AD Bill Ellington would testify that that game featured the greatest run in Texas HS history. According to Coach Ellington, his defense hit Gordon 13 times on the last play of the game.

    The early 1900s Greenville State Championship Game, which introduced the play known as the "fumblerooski" or "guard around". Greenville featured a kid named Robert Neyland, who would go on to West Point and later coach at The University of Tennessee.
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    I don't understand the Week 1 and 2 deals under Coaches and Teams. However, the 1963 and 1964 Garland High School State Championship teams were relative as good as any today. Those two teams featured Guard Gene Mays who has to be among the best ever to play that position in Texas High School football (SabreHorn will verify). His college career was impacted by a car crash that killed his wife and messed up his left leg.

    Chuck Curtis was the coach of those teams and became the first coach in Texas football history to win consecutive State Championships at two different schools. Also, he was one of the few coaches of the day to have won three consecutive state championships.
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    No "among" to it. Dave Campbell said he was the best at his position to ever play in Texas. Of course, some list a couple of years ago listed him as a first team LB, but not as a guard. That State Championship game in Rice Stadium, Gene plowed throw the Galena Park defense like a snow plow in Minnesota. Ronnie Scoggins looked like a future Hype$man winner.

    To this day, however, you can walk up to my friend Larry Davis and ask, "Did you catch the ball". Every drop of blood in his body will go to his face as he replies, "damn sure did".
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