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Indeed. You may think you're smart, but those high level* theoretical math and physics guys are on a whole 'nother plane of intellect.

*those Physics PhDs at Princeton that Bezos talks about would qualify as "high level"
Bezos combines a very high intelligence with good business sense, hard work, and ruthlessness.

You could say the same about Musk and a lot of these tech billionaires.

This is not a new concept, and has been happening for decades, just like oil company employees borrowing from bank to live in Europe and escape paying taxes in Britain.
Detroit Lions quarterback Bobby Layne, who was born in Santa Anna, Texas, grew up on a farm in Coleman County, and graduated from Highland Park High School in Dallas, at his drunk driving trial in December, 1957.

The arresting officer testified that, when asked why he was slurring, Layne denied that he was and said “Ah ain’t drunk…..Ah’m from Texas.” After listening to the way Bobby talked, the jury acquitted him and the Lions went on to win their last championship.


source: @TracesofTexas

(1944-47, Quarterback) • Four-time All-SWC quarterback

(1944, 1946-48, Pitcher)
  • Consensus All-American in 1947
  • Finished career with 3,145 yards passing and 25 touchdowns
  • Twice finished among Top 10 in Heisman Trophy voting
  • Four-time All-SWC pitcher
  • Compiled 35-3 overall pitching record, including two no-hitters
  • Led UT to SWC baseball titles from 1946-48
  • Averaged 10.78 strikeouts per game
  • Drafted in the first round of the 1948 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears
  • A member of the Chicago Bears for the 1948 season before playing for the New York Bulldogs in 1949
  • Played for the Detroit Lions from 1950-58
  • Led Detroit to 1952 and 1953 NFL championships
  • Also played for Pittsburgh Steelers from 1958-62
  • Member of NFL Hall of Fame
source: Longhorn Hall of Honor

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