Sooner being Sooner- WR in Bar Fight

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by LHABSOB, Feb 22, 2021.


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    Counterpoint: Now you know (if the other guy is a trained MMA fighter).
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    And when you are having facial reconstruction and attempting to save your f'ing eye, you for sure want to have a 4 hour OUT PATIENT PROCEDURE.


    In an ambulance you can get from Campus Corner to the Medical School at N.E. 13th and Lincoln in about 22 minutes. My Father did his residency there, it's a pretty highly thought of hospital.

    BTW, Dr. Brooks is an Oral Surgeon.

    Wish the kid a full recovery.
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    Sooner being Sooner? That other guy seems like quite the POS, punching him in the face repeatedly while he's down.
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    When I trained for my black belt, the idea was pretty much that if you committed to fisticuffs, you better make sure the other person doesn't get up to go get a weapon or something.

    You don't have to like that attitude, but that's the way it is. Mostly why I never commit to fisticuffs.
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    So hopefully our current football players don't go around picking fights in bars. The old days were the old days, and I have no comments about them. It was stupid back then too, but things were a bit looser all around, society-wise. Now, the wrong guy could pull a pistol and kill them.
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    Statement from Walker Brown (guy who beat up the OU WR and is getting $ from Go Fund Me):

    "I have been advised to get an attorney. I am also facing a surgery from an injury I received while defending myself and will be looking at some unplanned medical bills and time off of work recovering from the surgery. I am a full-time student who works two jobs…I feel awkward doing this because I want to work and pay my own bills, but I am realizing that may be difficult for a little bit. I will say that YES, there was something that occurred prior to the start of the video as my nose doesn’t bleed for no reason. After I hire an attorney, I will make a statement so you will know my side of the story. Thank you again for all of the support."

    Braden Brown


    Feb 20

    Just to get rid of the misconceptions, I’m the fellow in the beanie and that is my brother. We ARE NOT wrestlers at any university, we have been wrestling since we were in diapers and MMA/Cage Fighting since we were 12. They gave us no options unfortunately. We showed restraint.
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    You have to be kidding me. The trio of Rick McIvor, Jeff Leiding, & Mike Luck never lost a bar in their four years in Austin.
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    We had a white DB back then also ('81-'83) who had his fair share of bar fights. Can't remember his name but I think he played for Buffalo Bills for a few years. He bounced one of my friends around one night.
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    I'm pretty sure punching the other guy in the face repeatedly is the intended outcome when engaging in a fist fight.
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    I favor body shots trying to break a rib or two. Much more debilitating. But your point is spot on.
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    Knees are the weak link.
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    You mean Hagy?
    He could certainly lay the wood on the football field.
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    John was there a couple of years later. Interestingly enough, Hagy was an afterthought in recruiting. Fred had held back a couple of scholarships for recruits that signed elsewhere, and was convinced to take a flier on Hagy. He reminded me of a larger (but not much) version of Joe Bob Bizzell without the "side bar".

    I'll never forget standing on the sideline next to Hagy (on arm crutches) against Wacker and TCU in 1985 in Memorial Stadium. At halftime, Wacker made a point of trying to intimidate the Horns by having his team run straight across the field to the West sideline yelling and hollering. Hagy stepped up and told TCU's badass LB that one more step and he was going to shove that crutch up his *** sideways. There was no backdown in Mr Hagy.
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    Leiding was cool. First game he plays in, national TV audience, he goes offside on a kickoff! WTF? Replay the kick. On the re-kick he hauls *** down field and flat out levels the Razorback returner. Gets "strike award" for the week. That's how you make up for a mistake! Luck made a "two finger" game saving catch against Oklahoma. McIvor, well, I can't remember anything good..........oh wait, he lit up the aggies in the second half at Collie field. I could see those guys being a hand full.
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    Hagy was a badass. Started in the pros with the Oilers as I recall.
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    Sooners typically get their asses kicked in "bowl" games.
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    Did he ever! IIRC the ags had something like a 14 point lead in the game, then McIvor lead the horn to 45 unanswered points for the win.
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