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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by horninchicago, Dec 8, 2019.

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    Watching the '03 A&M game on LHN.

    They mentioned in the broadcast that Texas had 10, ten (!), blocked kicks that year going into that game in November.

    I have seen a lot of talk back and forth critical of the MB era in some ways yet longing for a ST coach. Well, I miss the MB days right about now. A lot of disappointing times but many more great times.

    Special teams, the '99 NC State game notwithstanding, were normally pretty damn good under MB compared to now.

    When was the last time we blocked a kick? I guess we have blocked a FG or extra point here and there but not with the regularity Texas used to.

    Hope we get the back whether with a decicated ST coach or some guys who just have a nose for the ball.
  2. rick mueller

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    I agree as for block kicks and fake punts, but I also remember Mack's last several seasons where a kick off return by the opponent was guaranteed to reach at least the 35 yard line if not the 50. That aspect seems to be firmly in place still today.

    I remember Jimmie Johnson talking about his philosophy during his hay day with the Cowboys. He stated that to be consistently successful you had to win at least two of the three phases of the game. Those being offense, defense, and special teams. His goal was to ALWAYS win special teams, leaving the opponent with the task of winning the other two. And yes, turnovers and penalties also contribute to he outcome, but all else being equal, I think JJ had a very good point.

    It sure seemed like under Strong, there was very little attention devoted to special teams, and it seems like that trend holds true under TH.
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    We blocked an XP against Kansas this year and returned it for 2. We blocked a FG against Southern Cal last year and returned it for 7.

    But we certainly aren't as prolific as we were when Robison and the Griffins were here. We especially seemed to eat up that silly 7-3-1 punt formation that a bunch of college teams use.
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    When Brian was here, he was able to block kicks because of his height and vertical leap. Since Mensa arrived, no one tall on the kick block team. Brian never rushed, he just jumped. I have repeatedly complained about Herman not using Collin the same way prior to his injury. Obviously, it isn't in the Mensa binder.
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    Robison had a freakish verticle leap, over 45 inch vertical if I'm not mistaken. Dude was a total beast at blocking kicks.
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  6. horninchicago

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    He could hit okay as well.

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    I believe it was during the (brief) CS era against OSU in Stillwater, we had OSU guys come right up the middle and block 3 straight extra points, one or maybe two were returned by the Cowboys for a 2 point conversion for OSU.

    Special Teams are very capable of winning or losing a close game.
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