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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Wideawake, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Wideawake

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    What is the consensus? It's all bad?

    I haven't listened in a while. Saw these blog posts about lineup changes and thought maybe it's time to take a survey.

    1300 The Zone

    104.9 The Horn
  2. snek

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    Hmm, interesting. Looks to me like the Zone has no interest in being successful. If I am in my car or near a computer to hear Satellite Radio I listen to Steve Czaban early. But Dan Patrick Show is almost a must for me leading up to the Rich Eisen Show which I usually listen to online or The Zone. I am stoked that Bucky and Erin are together in the morning. Very stoked. Glad Chad is in the afternoons and hope they find a good sidekick for him. I have not heard Chip Brown on the radio in years for a few reasons and did not know he still was on. I am intrigued by what they come up with him.

    My ears don't gravitate to anything local usually but now they will to the Horn in the morning and the afternoon. Ben Maller on Fox overnight is like crack. Fun crack.
  3. 2003TexasGrad

    2003TexasGrad Trying this out.

    So whats the deal with Craig Way. I still havent heard anything. Something tells me they are holding out for him in the afternoons at 104.9 but didnt he host Longhorn Weekly last night? But he was on 1300 today. The season starts soon and Longhorn games are on 104.9, so something has to give. Also, I wish Bucky and Erin were still doing afternoons. Chad just doesnt do it for me. Erin and Bucky are just so natural together, and Chad, as fun as cool as he is, seems a little forced sometimes in his approach and delivery. Hes not bad at all, but just doesnt seem as natural. Ben Maller is hilarious. Too bad he isnt Chad's partner.
  4. TX10sfan

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    I prefer the local coverage, personally. I was definitely bummed to hear that Chip Brown had left 104.9 but it is what it is.
  5. VulcanHorn

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    Craig Way and his family sat behind us in a booth at Hill's Café about 2 years ago. Dude was talking about high school football the whole time! It was awesome. I wondered if his wife was going to scream, "Craig, give it a rest!" Dude is definitely passionate about football. Has the perfect job covering Texas HS football and Longhorn football/basketball/baseball.

    I hope he continues w/ the Horns on 104.9.
  6. BevoJoe

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    When I lived I'm Austin, I listened to 1300 the Zone and the sports buffet. I stream it sometimes now that I'm back in Dallas.
  7. STHAustin

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    I like to listen to local sports talk at work. Unfortunately, the two shows I like are now on at the same time--Bucky & E and Chip Brown & Sean Adams. I'll only listen to Chad Hastings if I like the co-host (that's you, Keith Moreland). I haven't listened to Rod Babers in a long time--too much talk about women unrelated to sports. But of course, as a woman over 50 I'm the absolute polar opposite of either station's target audience, so what do they care?
  8. 2003TexasGrad

    2003TexasGrad Trying this out.

    Chad and Kevin makes me think of the photo shopped picture of Kanye West making out with himself. I like them both individually, but together its just eh. Bucky and Erin are great together, and Im not usually up and listening to the radio at 6am, so now I never hear them. Chad really needs a cohost who is going to bring something different.
  9. OldHippie

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    Yeah, I get really tired of hearing about the Kardashians and other pop culture icons from Babers. He's really good when he talks sports but there is too much other filler which always causes me to switch stations immediately. If I knew exactly when he was going to talk sports I'd listen to him.
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  10. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

  11. VYFan

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    I like Craig Way only a little bit for every day chatter on talk radio.
    As for game day, however, he is near irreplaceable. He is outstanding, in my opinion.
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  12. Detective Shilala

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    With the exception of Erin and Bucky, most of the time I tune in to 104.9 it sounds like immature buffoons talking about hot chicks or pop culture. I'll try to hold out in hopes of hearing about UT football, but there is only so long I can can only stand of banal topics discussed by braindead dorks like "Tom Brady's girl friend: Hot, or REEallllllly hawt?"
    The aggy dork really gets on my nerves. Ya see, He HAS this deLIVery that WHATEVER he is saying'.... Is SPOSED ta be REAAALY reaaallllly UH-mazing.
    And its usually just more banal nonsense.
    Even Erin and Bucky can have their sophomoric moments, but they usually circle back to sports quickly.
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  13. JustWin

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    Saw today' Statesman story that Craig Way WILL continue to be the Voice of the Longhorns, broadcasting games on flagship station 104.9 The Horn. But he is still contracted for daily radio show on 1300 The Zone.
  14. HornSwoggler

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    Ketchum on 104.9 sure likes to hear his own voice.... all program long. Not a fan. Hate that he is smack dab in the middle of the afternoon. Must have been a dead period for the station. Plus, opposite Ketchum is Jay Mohr on 1300. I like Mohr but no so much as sports radio guy. So, music it is in mid-afternoon for me.

    Sports Buffet on 1300 with Babers is a no dial zone for me. As mentioned above, too much non-sports rambling for my taste.
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  15. hornpharmd

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    The problem with the local sports radio is they have no real access to the program they are covering. A few of them are ex-UT players and that was great for awhile a few years ago under Mack as they could offer perspective having played for him and knowing many of the then assistant coaches. However, now you have a new staff that they know nothing about. You have a program that doesn't allow them access now that the Longhorn Network is there to do for them what local radio and print media used to do.

    Just take this past off-season about the things we were hearing from the local radio guys. They were wrong on just about everything. They base their opinions on open practices and second hand accounts. They are no more dialed in than any outsider and the only thing they offer is their perspective.
  16. Statalyzer

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    Wish they hadn't switched Sean Adams to the early morning. Probably great for a lot of people's morning commute, but selfishly as I usually drive from place to place for my job during the day, I miss his 2-4 pm slot.
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  17. STHAustin

    STHAustin 100+ Posts

    I agree with you about Sean Adams. I'd like to be able to listen to him in the afternoons. I like Kevin Dunn when he's talking about UT baseball, but I'm very disappointed in his show with Hastings in the afternoon. I'd hoped he would raise the level of conversation a bit, but instead he's sunk to Hastings' level. Guys--I don't care about your relationship with your girlfriend/wife or anyone you'd like to have for a girlfriend/wife.
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  18. Wideawake

    Wideawake 100+ Posts

    I've listened to the 104.9 guys a little bit so far this season, but I think I'm just fatigued on most of the guys. I like Bucky, but after a while I think you've heard most of a person's philosophy. Plus I feel sites like Hornfans have really changed the need to listen. Radio stations aren't delivering new items of interest like web sites do, but rather probably generating radio talk topics based off reading the sites.
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  19. LAGA4

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    I agree. However, I'm not sure LHN gives out as much real info as we used to get.

    I just can't figure out if that's good or bad for the team.
  20. OldHippie

    OldHippie 2,500+ Posts

    Probably good for the team but bad for the media and fans.

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