Spring practice halted

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Olehornfan, Mar 24, 2021.

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    Nah. It's worth posting, Bad.
    Our inability to utilize a traditional run game effectively the last decade (DOnta Foreman notwithstanding) has been a top 3 issue for the team/program...You can bet opposing teams have been keying on this weakness when preparing for us in recent years and theres a good chance they will have to prepare differently moving forward. We may be finally seeing some light in this all important facet..(though there's always a lot of light in the offseason lol)
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    Fozzy Whittaker was on ESPU radio this morning previewing the spring game. Some points made were --

    1. Casey Thompson's snaps in the Alamo Bowl only gives him a "slight" advantage because that was a different offense with a different coach

    2. Sark's offense can be really effective at Texas even if Texas does not have Bama talent. He referred to Sark's success at Washington with Jake Locker

    3. Sark's all business but player friendly. Guys genuinely like him unlike Coach Herman. Culture change has occurred already. (My take: giving players burnt breakfast was stupid)

    4. QB1 will prolly not be named until week before Louisiana game 1

    5. Ray Thorton and Jacoby Jones have been be really good in the new defense.

    6. Ray Thorton is really exerting leadership with the younger guys. He knows what it takes to win at a high level.

    that's all I remember for now ... :coolnana:
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    Saw multiple outlets running stories last few days about how quickly Thompson caught on to Sark as a person/coach and his system.
    Seems like Casey has gone all in and come very studied up and prepared for this new opportunity.
    Not reading too much into these stories...but they don't come out of thin air.
    Well ..then again...
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    (burnt breakfast)

    That's when my optimism took a nosedive.
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    “Junction Boys” in an IHOP restaurant....
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    What time is the time of the spring game today and is it on anywhere other than LHN?
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    1:00pm - LHN
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    Haven’t you read the thread title? Spring practice is halted.
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    Malcom Epps enters the portal ...

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    All the best to the young man. Incredibly underrated. Great hands. Don't be shocked if he makes a roster as a 5th-7th round draft choice.
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    Unsurprising. Best of luck to Malcolm as he moves forward in his career.
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    I think he needs to make sure he gets his degree.
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    Epps portalling still leaves us with 6 TE’s.
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    I heard he already has it, or will as of May. I could be wrong about that, though.
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    I liked him, but for a receiver in a TEs body, I was underwhelmed by his hands.
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