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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Johnj, Sep 5, 2020.

  1. Johnj

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    Hi everyone!

    new member here! I was watching some older games of Stacy and it’s crazy how good she was especially being so undersized!

    I also read and article saying her hands are so big she could palm a medicine ball! Lol!

    I don’t think that’s true but could anyone verify that!?
  2. hoopsalot

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    I would not dismiss the claim. When Stacy was playing at Texas, there was a picture of her hands next to Lisa Leslie’s hands. Stacy’s hands were comparatively huge.
  3. Johnj

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    are you serious?? I’m 6’4” I feel like she may even have me beat lol but idk about a medicine ball!
  4. flash34

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    She also had very long arms and was solid.
  5. Johnj

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    Really? Does anyone have pictures where you can tell how huge her hands are?

    TXSNOS 1,000+ Posts

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  7. Johnj

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    That’s insane!
  8. Vabalas1

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    Where did you find old games with her? And im pretty sure she can palm a medicine ball. Take a look how big her hands are compared to some guy

  9. zztx1

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    We socialized with a family who were close to Stacy and we had a chance to meet her several times at dinners. Terrific person, great player, so much heart for the sport. Those were the years when athletes graduating from UT had a hard time finding employment with the athlete's version of the kinesiology degree. Obviously, that is part of what is behind the Leverage program introduced this year.
  10. DFW_Horn

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    Well deserved.

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  11. flash34

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    I first saw Stephens at the Duncanville Sandra Meadows Tournament playing for I think Winnsboro HS. She was quite a force with her long arms and hands. Just a dominating player. I believe they won state that year. Perhaps more. Well deserved. She was a dominant center at Texas even though significantly undersized in terms of height.
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