Star Freshman Suspended First Week

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by TNLonghorn, Aug 22, 2012.

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    That ain't good.
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    I think it's fine and I am glad to see it. Discipline now will go a long way in his career. I'd rather have the guys fall in line, work toward achieving the team's goals, and be accountable for their actions both on and off the field. Being a football player at Texas is a privilege. If, for whatever reason, a kid doesn't want to follow the team's rules, then he's free to do whatever he wants and leave the team or suffer the consequences by not starting or playing in games.

    That said, I hope he gets squared away and is back on the field soon!
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    He hasn't played a down yet and he's a star?
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    That's what I was thinking. There are no "star freshmen" right now.

    Good for Mack. Lay down the law early. I'm hopeful it was a minor infraction.
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    I'm guessing it was minor. Only one week. Give him to Benny!!!
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    He has a choice in front of him. He can believe that he is a star with a different set of rules which will mean he will transfer at the end of the season or he can man-up. His choice.
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    I don't think he's a "star" either...I was just quoting the headline.
    Every Freshaman, including JG, has to prove themselves on the field to be considered a star. Hopefully Daje learned his lesson and can help contribute this season.
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    What are players thinking when they break the rules? I'm sure that Mack has explained ad nauseam what the rules are.
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    Agree the kid has not yet performed in a game so he is not yet a "star". I am pleased Mack is letting this kid & the team know the Sheriff is in town and serious about the rules...

    as for the game vs. WY, Horns will be just fine without him. HORNS WILL ROLL [​IMG]
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    What rule was broken? The nature of the crime is whats most important to me. Sit out a week... that has to hurt.
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    He didn't make a midnite pizza run or head to sixth street. Granted this isn't the best way to start your career, but he allegedly missed a curfew or came in late for a meeting. I agree with the poster above...let Wylie give him some special attention, end of story.
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    Top 3 WRs from last year are the same. I didn't hear that Daje was going to be a starter and I like to think I follow things closely, but then again I don't have the LHN. [​IMG]

    1 game suspension is nothing. Doesn't sound too serious. Glad it isn't Gray.
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    we can recover from an 0-1 start. better to lose early, then late.
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    The kid was a superstar in High School, and is certainly not a star at Texas yet. And may never be. That is up to him. I hope his high school kudos haven't contaminated his attitude, i.e., sense of entitlement.

    Whatever, Mack wouldn't have done this unless he absolutely needed to suspend the kid. I too hope this kid gets the message and tows the line from here on.
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    This will be good for the team. They see that ******* up has consequences.

    This should be good for Daje, but that's up to him.

    The glass half full view is that maybe this disuades a kid from doing something real stupid.
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    Gecko, Starting 0-1 because Daje will be missing the 1st game? LOL

    Didn't he have some issues at Hendrickson?
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