State Fair is cancelled

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by SabreHorn, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. EDT

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    I will be in charge of the fried sooners.
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    TEXnSEATTLE 1,000+ Posts

    it's when things get under the stable that I draw the line....
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  3. OrangeShogun

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    I'm not laughing at the virus data, I'm laughing at the typical, hypocritical finger wagging of the left. Can you show me a report from the Dallas County Public Health Dept. that associates the virus spread with multiple, large gatherings of BLM protestors/rioters? House parties! Too rich!
  4. horninchicago

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    Stupid fat fingers lol.

    Understandable. :beertoast:
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  5. BurntOrangeLH

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    Hey, no masks or social distancing in the red section. There will be plenty of fried ones two weeks after the game.
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  6. BurntOrangeLH

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    Boy, you are dumber than dirt if you do not know that. Probably mystified by how toasters work too, right?

    The good news Gov. De Santis will hire you on his COVID-19 management team.
  7. OrangeShogun

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    Speaking of your typical, hypocritical, finger wagging leftist...
  8. mb227

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    On May 19th, fatality rate was 2.74% of the total positive/presumptive positives. We roughly doubled in two months to yesterday's tally of 2,715 deaths...with a fatality rate of 1.28%.

    Meanwhile, the fear-porn peddlers want us to worry about case counts and masks. They don't like discussing the reality that this thing is, generally speaking, nowhere close to the death sentence that some claim it to be...
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  9. mb227

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    So...Fletcher's is fair game to loot...just don't burn...'cuz, you know...burnt dogs are the worst (not to be confused with the wurst).
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  10. WorsterMan

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    Nothing like it... 11 AM - RRR kickoff.

    At the fair: stand in line at 9 AM to get a foot long Fletcher's. Of course with lot's of mustard and a midway beer in a wax cup to wash it down. Meanwhile I gaze at the unwashed sooner horde that passes by while I anticipate a victory over the sorry ********!

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  11. mb227

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    One final thought...well, at least until the next one...


    The Red River Shootout MUST occur...
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  12. yelladawgdem

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    It took Fred Akers a DECADE to lose to OU four times. This guy has done it in four years. I wanted him to be the home run hire that we ALL wanted him to be. But every underlying fear I had about him has been exposed.

    Whether or not the Midway is full, Big Tex is talking and the Cotton Bowl is rocking, what on earth leads anyone to believe he is going to suddenly pull a Nick Saban? We got suckered. We hired a pair of Power 5 guys and just seemed to be stunned that we are getting Power 5 results.

    Beating disinterested teams (UGA and Utah) in bowl games does send the masses into the off season not harping on the embarassment of racing the clock to score on the last play at Baylor. But I don't think it qualifies as a Skill Set.

    Talk amongst yourselves and Hook Em.

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  13. SabreHorn

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    I wish I could give you a list of reasons why you are wrong, but I can't come up with even a hint. For every step forward, Herman has dropped ten turds.

    I wanted him hired; I voiced my opinion; I WAS WRONG!

    He has created problems. He has supported problems. He has NO solutions.

    Leadership? None

    In game coaching - it's been so long since we had any in Austin, I'm not sure I would recognize it

    In control of his team - that was not intended to be a joke no matter how funny it is

    Recruiting - stop looking at the crap Rivals says to sell product and look at what it should have been
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  14. yelladawgdem

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    Sabre -

    While we have wildly varying opinions on politics, I have found over the years that we are virtually always on the same page when it comes to the Horns. Perhaps it is due to both of us being a bit older than the average poster. Many never saw Texas-OU, in the Cotton Bowl, in the 1960's, on grass. The game was on grass. We weren't.

    And as for it taking Fred a decade to lose to OU 4 times, I'm still looking for anyone that thinks that OU only had the better team 4 times in that decade.

    I fear that you and I will not live long enough to see the excitement of another build up like Mack's first few years, watching him stockpile talent, unite a fan base that lives to be perpetually fractured (and have pretty much made it an art form), creating a frenzy at the box office with the program floating in a sea of cash.

    Actually the sea of cash part will likely go on regardless of the product on the field. The last decade has proven that. And CDC has shown to be a worthy successor to Dodds, something I feared wasn't possible.

    Too mush wistful meloncholy for a Friday afternoon. Hope you and the family are well. Anytime I see those Texas-OU gimme beads in my memorbilia room, I think of your daughter and say a quick prayer.


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  15. SabreHorn

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    Thanks, Dawg,

    We have lived long enough to watch seven HCs lead the Horns, and Fred was the only one that I feared no opponent on the schedule. His record against Top 20 (yes, it was 20, not 25) was nothing short of astounding, but the constant interference from alums trying to derail him was the darkest hour of our program, and I shall never discuss it on here. Also didn't help that certain people prevented him from hiring the assistants he wanted.

    The days of driving into Fair Park with NO fear of Barry, Scott, Bill, Pettibone and the boys will never be experienced again.

    Thanks for your continued prayers. She is doing well, working too much, and training a QB, MLB, RB for a few years down the road.
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  16. yelladawgdem

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    Prayers answered. God is good.

    Hook Em.

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