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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by LutherIsMyDog, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. LutherIsMyDog

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    Texas WBB just posted this statement on Joyner Holmes.

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  2. loyallonghorn

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    What the. How disappointing. It reads that it was a university violation, not an NCAA violation, and she'll be back the spring semester. Thankfully recruiting has been deep and I expect Rellah Booth and the Caron-Goudreau sisters to step up and handle the load at the 4. But it doesn't hurt if Joyner can rejoin the team during conference play and make a post-season run.
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  3. rattfatt

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    Whatever the violation is hopefully Joyner will grow and learn from her mistakes. While Joyner is out Jordan, Khaleann, and Rellah are going to have to step up. The good thing is that Joyner will be ready to play when Texas faces UConn and before conference play begins.

    It's also a good thing that she's able to play for the U.S.A team and play in structured games. Hopefully she'll stay in shape as much as she can while she's out.
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  4. LutherIsMyDog

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    I agree that it's great that Joyner will return to the team at the end of December. However, she will have missed valuable time getting into game play condition as well as getting into sync with the other players from a "chemistry" standpoint. IMO, it will take her a while to get into game shape and be a full time contributor to the team.

    I'm sure this is tough on Joyner. Hopefully this will make her stronger and more determined.
  5. Moooooo

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    Glad we know now as the speculation the last few weeks (at least in my head) was unnerving. Very odd timing though by Texas as Joyner is training with USA Basketball. I wonder if her suspension was actually the first and second summer sessions, and the Fall. She seemed to be the only returning player not enrolled at Texas in June.

    The date of December 23 seems odd for her returning to the team. I know our first conference game probably begins that last weekend in December; but two days before Christmas seems odd. I know that mid-year transfers are basically eligible as soon as the Fall final exam period is over; so, perhaps that is the case here.

    For me, this is good news compared to her being out the entire season. If we can survive those non-conference games at Georgia and Tennessee, along with the home game against Florida State, we will be in great shape. Even if we lose one or two of them, there is plenty of hope left.
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  6. racerx5908

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    Shocked. Usually, but not always, the WBB has their players with their heads screwed on right. I guess we can't speculate as some forum posters get super-huffy when we think out loud. I agree she'll be out of conditioning when she gets back.
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  7. HornsLewis

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    I was hoping I was wrong but guess I wasn't. I knew it was coming down but we got lucky that it happened when it did. They are counting the summer sessions as half so it worked out for the team
  8. Ellis21d

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  9. jusme828

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    Well, damn. For some reason, I feel like it may be academic related. Will the suspension count against her athletic eligibility time?
  10. "Anna hook em"

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    We will be okay if it was for the whole year then i would be worried but we can do it
  11. JoeDallas

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    I am looking at the bright side. Rellah, the twins, Jatarie and whoever else will have more opportunity to play, to get really tough, and contribute in a bigger way. I am sorry for Joyner because college goes by quickly, and it is a shame to lose that much of your college career.
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  12. HornsLewis

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    It was academic related and it will count against her athletic eligibility. Again it kind of worked out for her because they are recognizing the summer as half of the year. We will be fine and hopefully she used this as a growing tool for life.
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  13. overseasbbfan1

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    Yes no doubt it will be a plus in terms of the development of Rellah and others. The flip side is the newcomers are still frosh (with the exception of Jatatrie), and have to be treated accordingly. As always some will make the adjustment to college more quickly than others, but no one is going to be rushed, or asked to do things they aren't ready for just because we've got a key player out for the Fall. But we are a deep and experienced team and will be fine. That said, even though Joyner will only miss 10 contests, there are a lot of tough match ups during that pre-conference slate. With her in the lineup I had us at 10-0 entering the Xmas break, and I'll stick with that with her gone also. UCONN is a different story. Since I have us winning a NC this year, clearly I had us taking the Husky contest also. It's unfortunate that game happens so quickly following Joyner's return. We'll still be working on rotations, and definitely not as smooth as we will be a bit later down the line.
  14. overseasbbfan1

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    I think it has to be academic. If it was anything else wouldn't she just be suspended from the team, as opposed to not being enrolled at all?
  15. JoeDallas

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    Wild speculation --- I have us with 2 losses on the year, but beating UConn in Austin and maybe in the playoffs, and winning the NC. I must have had a lot of caffeine this morning.
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  16. DFW_Horn

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  17. Moooooo

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    Regardless of the violation Joyner committed, there will be plenty of obstacles to overcome for both Joyner and the team. While I'm sure there are different "exceptions" for athletes, a student who leaves the university for a semester or two has to either re-apply or follow transfer guidelines to be re-admitted.

    - Joyner was not enrolled in the first summer session; hopefully, she took a class or two at a community college which will transfer to UT. With her commitment to USA basketball, doesn't seem like she would be taking any classes for the second summer session.

    - Joyner won't be enrolled at Texas in the Fall. So, hopefully, she will take 3 or 4 classes at a community college which will transfer to UT. Unfortunately, she won't have the benefit of tutors and advisors like she would if she were at student-athlete at UT; so, it all falls on her and her time management.

    - By the time her exams are completed in mid-December, I'm sure the red-tape of certifying her transfer hours has to be completed by UT. So, perhaps that gets expedited as her return is for late December instead of mid-January.

    - I believe Joyner enrolled for summer classes at UT last summer (2016). Hopefully, she has those "extra" class hours which will help her with maintaining her status as a college sophomore, and then as a college Junior.

    - She won't get any practice time with her teammates; that hurts in a lot of ways, especially if there are new parts of the offense. And, no conditioning/training with our strength trainer. Everything she does for the next 4-5 months will be at an individual level at her discretion.

    - The team has to go on without her with practices and non-conference games. In some ways, it's no different than if she were rehabbing from injury, I guess, and unavailable to practice all Fall semester. Still, her absence does put a burden on the rest of the team and coaching staff.

    - From the photos we saw of her with USA basketball, she looks to be taking care of her physique. She will have to maintain that effort the next few months on her own, but looks like she's been doing a good job of that the last couple of months. I'm glad that she has the opportunity to play and compete with USA basketball as that is the only "team" structure she will have 'til December.

    Fingers crossed that she can take care of the academic side on her own.
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  18. JoeDallas

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    I'm optimistic that Joyner has all those things in hand and will come back in the time frame stated, in good shape and ready to go.
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  19. jusme828

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    A couple of questions. Is the coaching staff still able to stay in contact with Joyner during her suspension? Can they send her a playbook to study? Send her fitness/training/conditioning plans? I know Tina has been to the USA training facility to meet with her and Sug, but just wondering if they can have contact with her outside of USA basketball.
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  20. DFW_Horn

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    I tried to find something in the NCAA rules about this type of situation and couldn't decipher anything (IKEA's a rank amateur by comparison).

    This approach is usually futile when it comes to the NCAA but I'll try logic. I assume Joyner will enroll at a Juco/Coco for the fall semester to gain transferable credits. I also assume she won't be on a basketball roster so I can't think of any reason the coaches can't stay in contact. Football programs are allowed to send training regimens to juco players that are transferring in and, unless there is a specific rule barring this, I don't know why that wouldn't be allowed as well. Obviously Joyner can't practice with the team or sit in the team area at games but, if she purchases a ticket, she shouldn't be barred from attending games.
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  21. jusme828

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    May be a stupid question, but since this wasn't an NCAA violation but a UT violation, do the NCAA rules apply here?
  22. DFW_Horn

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    If it pertains to student-athletes, the NCAA will get involved (unless it's the Baylor FB program).
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  23. racerx5908

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    With the recent updates of smiling players and practice, I wonder how and if the basketball staff are allowed contact with her? In theory, she's a non-student and can wander off the street and watch practice right? Also in theory she could do that and participate. But I'm sure that's not the case. My worry is that she becomes "detached" from the program and doesn't return in January.
  24. DFW_Horn

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    She may be able to watch practice but multiple reasons she could not participate:
    • NCAA definitely has rules about practicing when not officially a member of the team.
    • Insurance liability - since she's not technically enrolled, I would think there would be serious ramifications should she get injured during practice.
    Based on her social media, she seems intent on returning and commented positively to Tina's promotion.
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  25. Moooooo

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    Let's not go looking for problems or things to worry about.

    In that photo yesterday tweeted out by @texaswbb, they included her with all other players. Very good sign, IMO.
  26. Zig72

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    Just got my season tickets in the mail today. Joyner's picture is on the Feb. 14 game ticket vs Tech. I was a bit surprised, but it definitely is another good sign.
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