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Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by ptownhorn, Oct 26, 2009.

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    l usually don't even log into facebood but I did last night. Within two minutes I was instant messaged and found out a childhood friend had comitted suicide and a really good highshool friend is addicted to metch and his wife left him. damn
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    As my post was not in the spirit of this thread, I have removed it.

    As is stated below, it is an excellent opportunity to communicate with people from our presen and past. Your example just shows how short of a time we get here, and we should take every moment to talk to those we love and know.
  3. RC Didnt Offer

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    If you never leave the house you will be better off. While I'm at it, the internet, TV and newspapers just let all the bad stuff in - those can go too.

    I already feel better.
  4. CanaTigers

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    I just usually ignore the messages from anyone that I haven't seen in over 2 months.
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  7. notreally

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    why don't you want anyone to find you? did you screw a bunch of people over, or is there a reason your past friends (or past in general) disgusts you so much?
  8. general35

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    Nobody gets out of here alive I suppose.

    we are all dieing, some faster than others.
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    Not long after I opened a Facebook account, a guy I hadn't seen since high school friended me. About a month or two later, he had a heart attack and died at age 52. Crazy stuff.
  11. RC Didnt Offer

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    I didnt mean to be a smartass. I just wanted you to hear how absurd that line of thinking can get. Ultimately you cant forsake all of the good in life (whether that be facebook, meeting new people, putting yourself out there) because of the bad things that can happen.

    The glass half you're still here and there are a billion people no longer with us who would gladly trade places with you for a day. You only have one shot at life - enjoy it as much as you can. If you're not sick or in your friends case mentally ill (to me its mental illness by definition).....consider yourself lucky.
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    ptown, sorry for your loss and the influx of memories. I can remember who had the first half pipe we would skate on. I remember his house, the cars his parents drove and stuff like that. We are not in touch but I would be bummed if he killed himself, he was just too cool back then, and you know what I mean. Holy ****, his parents LET him have the half pipe. That was so big time back then. Massive. Er, Radical!!!
  13. 210-816-Horn

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    I only use it to keep in touch with family, childhood friends and highschool friends in other states, but then again I'm barely 30.
  14. overmaars

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    I find that life is what goes on around you while you're logged into Facebook. You're missing it. Maybe it's being 30 something and married with children - hard to see any intrinsic value in such a thing.
  15. mihm_rules_mom

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    i don't understand some people's loathing of facebook. i mean, i can understand not wanting people from your past to find you, or not wanting people you know to know what is going on in your life (via your page), but after that..... ??

    it is an excellent way to:

    1. stay in touch with people you never get to see. much better than email or anything else. you get to see your friends families and spouses and all of those things.
    2. easy way to see some of what your kids are up to (although not that much, it gives a me a really good picture of how my daughter interacts with her friends).
    3. you can manage some of those more distant friendships by sending a post or message every now and then instead of having to call or wait until a wedding etc.
    4. the amount of *** a single guy can pick up just by having a page and doing nothing else, is nothing short of amazing.

    what is to hate? i understand some of the narcissistic comments, and i agree. some people are really bad, and i have been guilty before.... but some of you have a distorted view of what facebook is about for some people.

    for instance, for my daughter is a chat machine. she talks to mutiple people at one time and it is an essential part of her social life.

    me? i don't chat, hardly ever. and if so, it is just for a brief second, same as texting. i think some people have visualized all of us sitting around chatting for hours (and i am sure some do). i use it as a social channel where you can find out what i am doing, if you care, and you can get in touch with me, if you want.

    not to mention all of the events that i am invited to that are organized via facebook/evite. there is a lot of value for me.

    what is to hate again?
  17. l00p

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    Would you hate me if I chatted with your daughter? Hate me more than you already do? [​IMG]
  18. notreally

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    i don't hate you loop! message board fodder is just that, message board fodder. i can't help it you hate my team so much you can't control it sometimes [​IMG]

    now, my daughter, is off limits! she already looks about 16 as it is.
  19. l00p

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    I don't envy you for having a daughter. I would have to enlist in the teaching of Pai Mei if I had a daughter. I would make sure that every guy ever at the house knew I was capable of doing the five pointed palm heart exploding technique.
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    I laughed!!! You always crack me up loop!
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    yeah, facebok is more akin to "happy hour" than reading a book. i've haven't learned much off of facebook except who has gotten old/fat and what music people like.

    but your point still stands.
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    I'm staying off facebook ufn.

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