Steve Jobs Bill Gates Interviewed Together

Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by naijahorn, May 31, 2007.

  1. naijahorn

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    The Link

    @ D5.

    really entertaining session.
  2. Anastasis

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    Interesting videos.
  3. Anastasis

    Anastasis 1,000+ Posts

    That chick needs to just shut up.

    "A sweater without sleaves"? Really.
  4. naijahorn

    naijahorn 250+ Posts

    It is funny how Gates comes off as the more likable person.
  5. Xminus6

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    it's not really that funny. nobody ever said jobs' best trait was his likeability. in fact, he's known to be a prick.
  6. naijahorn

    naijahorn 250+ Posts

    But Bill Gates is the devil or so I'm told by the Apple fanatics.
  7. MizzouSnives

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    i'm a mac fan, and i wouldn't call bill gates the devil. he's done a lot of good for the world.

    plus, he's just running his business as well as he can. does that come off as ruthless sometimes? sure. but he's the one with the amazing business model. my hat is off to him.
  8. Anastasis

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    I think the apple commercials capture their fundamental personalities pretty well. Jobs seems like an older version of the "I'm a Mac" guy. Hip with an ever-present tone of muted condescension. Gates comes off as a milder version of the "I'm a PC" guy. Dorky, but likable.
  9. pmg

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    xminus6 is right; Jobs has never been known for his friendly personality.

    I'm as much of a mac fan as anybody but I also realize the Mac and Microsoft Word were mutually beneficial. In fact that was one reason I got a Mac; to run Word.
  10. Xminus6

    Xminus6 500+ Posts

    or perhaps you're projecting your irrationality on mac users. bill gates isn't the devil, but i don't particularly love his aesthetic taste.

    in a way they both needed each other. jobs wouldn't ever let computers be as varied and confusing as various windows machines are today. but the computing market would never have grown under jobs' thumb. gates was willing to push for mass adoption at the expense of elegance and control. without that critical mass, technology wouldn't nearly as prevalent and developed as it is.

    also, gates obviously needs someone to "draw inspiration" from.
  11. TexasTower

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    Best Quote:

    Gil Amelio: "Apple is a ship with a hole in the bottom. It's my job to point that ship in the right direction."

  12. uisge beatha

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    Actually, it was IBM going w/ an open architecture which allowed other manufacturers to copy the PC which lead to the widespread adoption you're refering to, no anything MS did. MS was the benefactor of IBM choosing to use MS-DOS as their OS.
  13. Hellraiser97

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    No one ever said the devil can't be damn charming at times! Otherwise, he wouldn't be so good at soul stealing! [​IMG]
  14. Joe Fan

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