Stewart rips Cramer a new one!

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by mcbrett, Mar 12, 2009.

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    i thought it was fair....i am looking forward to a similar interview with Barney Frank.
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    A five page thread about one guy disagreeing with another guy from the same company. Amazing. If Stewart tore up Barney Frank I would be impressed.
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    Oilfield, Comedy Central is Viacom, their nearest network cousin is CBS not NBC... but so few have bothered getting their facts right in this thread I'm hesitant to point that out so disturb the continuity.
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    Stewart is a media critic. That's what The Daily Show is about, mocking the media for being a bunch of dumb clowns pretending they are not dumb clowns. It is satire.

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    Two words... Ace Ventura.
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    And that says it.

    I suppose you are just trolling at this point because you realize how asinine it is to express surprise that satirical comedy has, at its core, a genuine outrage (as surprised as a man jumping into a tiger cage when the tiger attacks).

    That's one way to concede an argument.
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    Yes, seriously.
    It is not a "pissing match" to discuss the basic terms of what comedy is. You attempt to dismiss Stewart's show as Ace Ventura, but that is garbage because it is a misapplication of the term "comedy".

    Satirical comedy is based on an idea that common sense should not be outraged. That is what The Daily Show is, a populist version of social satire; the court jester speaking truth to power through wit.

    Also, I disagree completely that this was an unwise move from Cramer. He gets nothing but more exposure for this and people on the Right don't respect anything Stewart does regardless of how stupid Cramer looked. Only a fraction of the people commenting angrily on this even watched it.
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    He already had no credibility with Stewart's audience. He's a media personality and this will only raise his exposure. He's selling a product, and that product is himself.
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    Tough to pull the indignation act when you resort to calling others who disagree with you 'fanboys.'

    If you had something to say, I doubt your reply would be so abrupt.
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    For those who like Shakespeare and the idea of satirical comedy, I recommend Fool by Christopher Moore. It's a send-up of King Lear; told from the court jester's perspective with a hell of a lot of crude, bawdy humor thrown in (which makes it one of the funniest books I've read since Catch-22, which is another fantastic example of political/military satire.)

    As I read, I kept hearing Pocket (the fool) in Jon Stewart's voice. There is a great part where one character (an apparatchik of power desperate for status and respect, thus earning neither) keeps trying to insult and demean Pocket by referring to him as "fool", completely failing to understand that the very attempt to use it as an insult only demeans himself as a low braggart/failed bully and gives Pocket a chance to reassert the rightness of his own position.

    Likewise, when you say, "Oh that's just comedy" you ignore the essence of Stewart's influence and the nature of his work (a work at which he is currently peerless).

    If you are looking at our economic crisis through a partisan lens then all you are interested in is partisan political sparring and not coming to a common sense understanding of what is going on. That is why you see mention of Obama in this thread by angry conservatives even though Obama does not come up at all in the interview being discussed. People whose political line of thinking is dominated by reactionary emotion want all questions cast in the light of their usual discourse; "us v. them", "Democrat v. Republican".

    Issues and ideas transcend partisan rhetoric and sparring. If someone is unable to realize that and divorce their reasoning re: partisan politics from their reasoning re: ideas then you have found a person worth ignoring. If someone is trying desperately to inject personal attack and partisan rancor into an issue that calls for neither you know that person is starting off on the wrong foot while also going down the wrong path.
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    You're getting a beat down because your argument is highly flawed- we're not trying to ambush you or anything.

    IN OTHER NEWS, this story has legs, just like I thought it would:

    CNBC in the spotlight after Stewart Interview

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