Still sober, after all these years. And still grateful.

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    I guess in the busyness of life, I missed last year's post. In all the changes of the last 12 years, here, in me, and in life in general, it happened. So, I wanted to make sure to slip in on my birthday. For those that don't know, I slipped in here on 12/6/06. Barely sober. Barely participating in life, and I outted myself as a full blown alcoholic addict for the first time. And, something magical happened. I was accepted. Encouraged. Cheered on. Loved. And somehow, it stuck. The first time.
    I never went to rehab, and back then, sober homes weren't really a thing. God found me, I found the 12 step rooms, and, I did the ol country music song backwards: I got back my job, my wife, my kids, and my dog.
    In the past twelve years, I've had a lot of tests for my sobriety. Case McCoy. Coach Strong. Heck, Mack and Herman too, at times. And serious things, as well.
    I lost my mom suddenly this year, and I tossed the idea of drinking around...but I didn't. I spoke at her funeral, instead. I DID relapse on carbs, but...I managed to get back into ketosis. ;) And found my way back to Crossfit, too. Eventually.
    So all that to say, if youre struggling today, sobriety isn't just for the lucky. I was pretty dense. and, pretty "Stuck." Yet here I am today. Alive. Living. Since 12/6/06 I have:
    Reconciled my marriage.
    Adopted a child.
    Started a ministry that works with the addicted, alcoholic, homeless, vets, and women that have been sexually trafficked.
    Volunteered in a ton of places, from leading small groups with our jr hgh girls, guys, or wherever needed, to sharing my testimony from Texas to Panama City Beach, FL.
    Oh, lost 140 lbs too!
    I'm NOT terminally unique. This IS for you, too.

    Sobriety is a gift...but it's available to everyone.
    My name is Bryce Hudnall. If you, a loved one, or a friend is struggling with life, please feel free to reach out. Either here, by email at or, by phone or text at 817.606.9580.

    You have no idea how your kindness 12 years ago has impacted my life, my family's life, and the lifes of 1000s of other alcohlics and addicts, but from that day, until 10000 days from now on the glass sea in front of the Throne, I will be be thankful for you all.

    God bless you.
    Hook em.
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    :thumbup: Hookem!
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    Well done and congrats Bryce! :mj:
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    That was the best part for me. I always cheer when a marriage can be saved. Congrats to you and your wife for making it thru!
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    :bow: Good for you, Bryce! :bow:
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    Thanks for the update! So nice to read great news and a message of hope.

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