Stillwater OK

Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by naps10, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. naps10

    naps10 < 25 Posts

    Staying in Stillwater this weekend. What is there as far as live music, taverns, or local dives besides Eskimo Joe's?
  2. pulque

    pulque 1,000+ Posts

    You must mean stoolwater....
  3. Lat22

    Lat22 1,000+ Posts

    Lots of places on Washington Street. J.R. Murphy's, etc.
  4. Barton Hills

    Barton Hills 1,000+ Posts

    Go eat at Hideaway Pizza.
  5. YoLaDu

    YoLaDu Guest

    Is the Wormy Dog still there?
  6. mihm_rules_mom

    mihm_rules_mom 25+ Posts

    I just read on the KFOR website that there will be a Halloween-themed block party on the north side of the stadium before the Texas game. The story made it sound like it was mainly for parents to take their kids.

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