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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by OUBubba, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Seattle Husker

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    That's my fear. ;)
  2. Clean

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    JFK was infamous for extra marital affairs and I don't just mean Marilyn Monroe, which probably didn't really happen.
  3. Crockett

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    Yeah: For sure JFK got around.
  4. Mr. Deez

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    When he was Ambassador to France, Franklin was a notorious party animal and a sawed-off Wilt Chamberlain.
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  5. Crockett

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    There were published accounts of Jefferson having relations with slaves, but only in extreme partisan rags... There is credible speculation that Sally Hemmings was half sister to Jefferson"s deceased wife.
  6. Joe Fan

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    Trumps sleeps with beautiful women, wins trade wars, is creating a space force and even with all that, he still has time to play more golf than Obama.

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  7. Horn6721

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    I had not read that. Interesting. I will try to find it.
  8. Joe Fan

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    Some headline writers never get the chance ....

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  9. Joe Fan

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    So, in the end, all of the good folks who donated to support Stormy Daniels via her GoFundMe page were actually paying for Trump’s attorneys.

    Ouch. That's gonna leave a mark.

    And it turns out that the creepy porn lawyer is about as good at lawyering as Liz Warren is at Cherokeeing. Go figure. What have y'all done with ouBueller anyway?

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  10. Mr. Deez

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    And the judge was a "Mexican."
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  11. bystander

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    Stormy. Warren. Waters. Pelosi. Feinstein. Hillary. Cortez. Celebrities such as Nancy Griffin, Madonna, Ashley Judd etc.

    I really wonder if the Left understands how these women are making it difficult for men to respect women when these are the one's who have the microphone.
  12. Joe Fan

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  13. Joe Fan

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    Whither bubba?

  14. Garmel

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    Husker's been missing too. Really hard to support the left wing pov right now with Trump's success.
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  15. Joe Fan

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    More likely to run off and join the antifa or the caravan?
  16. Monahorns

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    Antifa. That's where angry white people hide.
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  17. mchammer

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    Wait until Mueller drops his turd of a report on the left.
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  18. Garmel

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    I don't think Husker would do anything that crazy. Bubba might though.
  19. Garmel

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    If the House doesn't go blue we won't have to wait to see the crazy. We'll see rioting, blaming Russia interference, etc.. In other words we'll have a lot of funny **** to laugh at.
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  20. Joe Fan

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    Stormy's relationship with Avenatti has turned a little stormy. Getting hit for your legal opponents attorney fees of $341,500 will do that to a couple.

    "Avenatti chose to file the Stormy Daniels suit publicly even thought the suit disclosed confidential information, rather than under seal. By doing so, Avenatti exposed Stormy Daniels to a $20M judgment."

    Will CNN still cover this story if she sues him?

    “For months I’ve asked Michael Avenatti to give me accounting information about the fund my supporters so generously donated to for my safety and legal defense. He has repeatedly ignored those requests. Days ago I demanded again, repeatedly, that he tell me how the money was being spent and how much was left. Instead of answering me, without my permission or even my knowledge Michael launched another crowdfunding campaign to raise money on my behalf. I learned about it on Twitter....."

    Stormy Daniels: Michael Avenatti Sued Trump For Defamation Against My Wishes
  21. ProdigalHorn

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    Avenatti is now about to learn the consequences of climbing into bed with crazy. But his advantage is that the media is now bored with "pornstar crazy" and now has more than enough "congressional crazy" to keep them happy.

    I actually feel a little bit worse for her than him in that whole symbiotic relationship. She's just a flat-out idiot who thought she could violate an agreement, tell her gross adultery tale to anyone who would listen, and this would somehow... well I don't know what exactly she wanted other than attention from non-porn addicts, which I guess she got for a few months. Maybe being on CNN cameras was her version of making it in the legit movie world? But the fact that she now is running around claiming that Trump ruined her career when the only thing he did in all this was sleep with her, not put her on The Apprentice, and pay her not to talk about it. No one has ever put so little time, effort, and thought into ruining someone's career as Trump has in this case, if it were true.

    Avenatti on the other hand knew what she was and took advantage of her for his own gain and will now treat her like... well, like an old porn video that's now more embarrassing to have seen than fulfilling to keep around.
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  22. Joe Fan

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