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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by hornpharmd, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. hornpharmd

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    The 2015 Recruiting class finished with 29 but only had 19 committed at this time last year....and that includes 5 guys that committed in December.

    11 - thru Sept
    14 - thru Nov
    19 - thru Dec
    25 - thru Jan
    29 - at signing day

    The 2016 Recruiting class currently has 12 commits and is following this same course. If history repeats itself then Coach Strong will finish Strong again and we will have an exciting final 6 weeks in this season's recruiting class.

    8 - thru Sept
    12 - thru Nov
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  2. Crockett

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    Strong did close very strongly last year. I love the way he evaluates talent and goes after players that can make a difference. I also like when hit with late defections, he has a Plan B, like PJ Locke after Jamile Johnson made a late switch to play for Texas Tech last year. Locke is already a contributor here.
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  3. eastexhorn

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    I had rather be tring to keep commitments than tring to flip commitments. Early bird gets the highly rated players.
  4. Crockett

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    I don't care how they are rated, so long as they are good football players. Charlie seems to have a knack for player evaluation.
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  5. LikeMike

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    Please bring in a JC QB ready to play. Re-looked at last year's results. With lightly above average QB (we were no where near that level) we could have gone 8-4 and possibly 9-3 even with all the youth and inexperience. (Also would help if our Def staff was quicker to make in-game adjustments.)

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