Sumlin put on notice.

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Olehornfan, May 31, 2017.

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    Doesn't the whole conference play a game like that in the second half of the season?
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    The entire $EC plays one out of conference game in November because they play one less conference game than the other Power 5 conferences.
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    Bunch of chicken **** ********.
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    SEC fans were pissed off like 10 years ago that Bama/Auburn moved their game to the week before Thanksgiving so that they could get an edge on whichever SEC East team was playing the following week (usually UF) and a built-in BYE week before the conference championship. So they changed the rules and said you couldn't skip Thanksgiving week. So the "big guys" said fine, let's just add a patsy late in the year. And now they all do it.

    I think Auburn should swap to the East with Mizzou joining the West and give the cross-division stuff some more oompf.
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    Or they could play the same number of conference games that all of the other Power 5 Conferences play which would eliminate one of the "patsy" games.
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    ACC plays 8. The others all used to. I don't have a problem with a conference agreeing to 8 games. I do have an issue with all of them scheduling the Sisters of the Blind right in the prime viewing portion of the season instead of Weeks 1-4.
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    Looks like the ACC is going back to 9 games due to pressure from ESPN. Dropped to 8 games in 2012.
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    That's the kind of improvement Sumlin needs to produce to impress the administration. Massive jump from seventh to fifth. At that rate Sumlin will be contending for third in 2020, and second in 2023 or 2024. The educrats will proclaim great improvement, but never notice attendance has soared from 100,000+ to 35,000 per game.
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    So no change in collie station.

    Sabre - fifth in the $EC West equates to fighting for 7th in the $EC with Georgia and SC.
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    And runaway first in the Big XII.
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    Hardly. Nothing in their history suggests that they are anything more than mid-pack. Take LSU and Alabama out of the $EC and what do you have? Conference USA.
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    Is that 35 or 35,000? I could see it happening either way.
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    Really :rolleyes1:
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