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    I don't know of any decent search mechanism so I manually searched most of the major summer college leagues and found the following:

    League Team Player
    Cape Cod Cotuit Kettleers Duke Ellis
    Cape Cod Cotuit Kettleers Ryan Reynolds
    Cape Cod Y-D RED SOX Zach Zubia
    Cape Cod Y-D RED SOX Davis Hamilton
    Cape Cod Y-D RED SOX Blair Henley
    Cal Ripkin Gaithersburg Giants Michael Streitmann
    Cal Ripkin Gaithersburg Giants Matt Whelan
    Cal Ripkin Gaithersburg Giants Jordan Landel
    Texas Brazos Bombers Bennett Inoff
    Texas Victoria Generals Chris Fearon
    California Orange County Riptide Masen Hibbeler
    California Orange County Riptide Brandon Ivey
    California Santa Barbara Foresters Bryce Elder
    California Santa Barbara Foresters Kameron Fields
    California Santa Barbara Foresters Mathew Gauntt
    California Santa Barbara Foresters Nicco O'Donnell
    Northwoods Rochester Honkers Matteo Bocchi
    Northwoods Rochester Honkers Tristan Stevens
    Northwoods Rochester Honkers Cole Quintanilla
    Northwoods Duluth Huskies Duluth Huskies

    I saw something about DJ Petrinsky being on the Brazos Bombers, but he isn't listed on their roster.

    Anyone know where he or any of the other players not listed are playing this summer?
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