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    My wife is taking a statistics class, and needs anonymous participants to take a brief survey. 10 quick questions over organic vs. conventional foods. No names or email addresses needed. Just click the link below.
    Anyone who would participate would certainly be appreciated.
    The Link

    Thank you!
  2. Son of a Son

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    I been surveyed!
  3. salonghorn-70

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    Just did it.
  4. TxStHorn

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    Thanks, y'all - I really appreciate it!

  5. Bluepies

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    That took all of 30 seconds. If you took the time to read this sentence, you can probably take the time to take this survey and help someone out.
  6. Texanne

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    Done ... happy to help!
  7. pasotex

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    Damn it! You're invading my privacy! You and the Census can go to hell!
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    LITNIN HORN 1,000+ Posts

  11. rickysrun

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    I has take your surveys
  12. smwhorn

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    i took it. crushed it. it had no chance.
  13. accuratehorn

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    I did so well they offered me a free survey design webpage.
  14. UTDad

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    Done. How about posting the survey results for us?
  15. Longhorndanc

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    Done! I'm pretty sure I aced it.
  16. Brak

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    I would like to point out that the survey seemed to skip the issue of quality. While cost and health benefits factor into the decision to buy one product over another, quality is a factor as well.
  17. The Eyes of Texas

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    it had an 'other' spot and the next line was blank for you to enter what you wanted...could have put quality there.
  18. TxStHorn

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    Thank you so much for taking the survey. Here are the results.

    1. Do you purchase mostly organic foods, or conventionally grown foods? Results
    Organic 16
    Conventional 84
    2. Why do you purchase one type of food (organic or conventional) over another type of food?
    Convenience 30
    Cost 64
    Availability 46
    Health or Dietary Reasons/Concerns 19
    Taste 14
    Other 5
    4. If organic foods were the equivalent cost of conventional foods, would you purchase organic over conventional?
    Yes 88
    No 12
    5. Where do you purchase the majority of your groceries?
    Main Stream Grocery Stores 87
    Specialty Grocery Stores 8
    Farmer’s Market 6
    Other 1
    6. Do you believe there is a health benefit to buying organic foods?
    Yes 81
    No 19
    7. Would you be willing to pay more for organically grown foods than conventional foods?
    Yes 50
    No 48
    8. If more than one adult resides in your household, who does the majority of the grocery shopping?
    I do 54
    Someone else 18
    Equal 20
    9. What is your average annual household income?
    $0--$25,000 6
    $26,000--$50,000 15
    $51,000--$100,000 43
    $100,000--$200,000 27
    $201,000 and above 8
    10. Which best describes your age group?
    21 or younger 1
    22-35 40
    36-50 36
    51-64 18
    65 or older 5

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