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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by TahoeHorn, Jan 20, 2010.

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    How much should a tune-up cost? The vehicle is a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a V-8 and 92K miles. It has never had a tune-up.

    The quote was for $234. They also recommend a $340 engine cleaning (blow out carbon) which I'm fairly certain I won't get.
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    'tune-up' is a pretty generic term.

    What are you getting for your money?

    Any thought to just changing the wires and plugs yourself? Not sure how much else they will really be doing for you.
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    "Blow out carbon"? That sounds weird. I assume all they will do is pour 1 can of seafoam in gas tank, half-can in crank case, remaining half-can sucked through vacum hose while at idle. Then will run engine until smoke clears and change engine oil immediately. You can do all that in your drive-way for $40.

    For tune-up at 100k I would do:
    Radiator flush and coolant change
    Spark plugs and wires
    Transmission/rear-end fluid changes
    New shocks if never done
    Fuel Filter
    Cabin air filter
    Clean throttle body and air flow sensor

    I would check:
    radiator/heater hoses
    Rubber ball joints
    Axl;e bearings/seals
    Front hubs/bearings

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    What, you didn't like the other answers we gave you?

    Ask Accuratehorn what he thinks about the 'carbon' thing & other tune up stuff.


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