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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by catoars, Mar 22, 2010.

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    I had a pool and hot tub built approx one year ago that is now looking to be a huge mistake. The pool started shifting in the ground right after it was built and is continuing to shift. The water barely reaches the skimmer while it is at the top of the tile line on the other side, decking is coming u out of the ground, and the light shattered. If i called the pool builder worthless in helping me solve the issue that would give him too much credit.
    Any suggestions who can help here? I had one company look at it but they said all they could do was take off all the tile and coping and redo it so that it appeared to be straight again. As it is still continues to shift that isn't much help.

  2. catoars

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    I am in Austin btw

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    What part of town?.... Doesn't seem like the Hill Country. Too much rock to shift that much.
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    East Austin. I spoke to one engineer today who while he couldn't help did say that he was surprised that the pool wasn't built with any concrete piers to prevent this. He thought that was the norm in this part of town. Anyone know if this is true? If not, apparently it should be.
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    The pool expert around here used to be LHPools, however, I think I've seen him posting on other orange blooded web sites.
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    Get a lawyer. Sue the pool builder. Might take a while but its better than paying for it yourself.
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    Builder not going to help, sorry about that. There are areas in Dallas I will not build becuase ground is so bad, and other areas I will not build without piers.
    To your problem. You can try and contact the Gunite company they might beable to help you. Also a foundation company. Bottom line it probably will cost you some money with out your builders help.
    If you do not stop the shifting what ever you do will not work. If you want to talk about it, send me a PM with your number and I will call you, not sure how much help I will be but maybe give you some ideas. Good Luck.
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    That sounds horrible after only 1 year. I think you need to be asking for recs on an attorney.
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    Looking at other flatwork in the area of your pool, does it appear that part of the pool is rising or sinking?

    Piers won't do a thing for rising, they will only stop settling. If your pool is rising then you almost certainly have a leak underneath it.

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