Swine resurgence in Texas recruiting

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by Chop, Sep 17, 2019.

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    After leaving the SWC for swampier pastures, Arkansas has all but fallen off the map for the very good quality Texas recruits--the sort that UT, OU, LSU, even A&M, etc. might want. The pigs haven't done that well with the 2nd tier Texas recruits either. This has been the case for a few decades.

    Now, like a horde of feral pigs tearing up Texas farms and ranches, the swine have returned and are doing pretty well recruiting Texas again. 50% (8 of 16) of their current recruits are from Texas. They only have one Rivals 4* from Texas, but the 3* guys they're getting aren't a bunch of bums: Chandler Morris, Savion Williams, Brandon Frazier, etc. Thus far, they haven't been a big threat to us, as we're mostly chasing the very blue among the blue chips. For now, they're mostly cutting into the guys that might normally go to A&M, TCU, Baylor, Tech, etc. We should keep a close eye on the pigs, lest they tear up parts of our recruiting gardens. A couple of Arkansas winning seasons and a couple of fed-ex envelopes full of cash, and the swine might start taking some of the guys in East Texas and North Texas that we really want. Our dipsh!t cousins, the aggies, have let the swine in the back door to Texas recruiting by playing them in Arlington every year...
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    This is this whole SEC, SEC,SEC bull**** that aTm has been pitching since they blowed up over Texas envy and the LHN. They invited the whole SEC to pitch Texas kids on playing every year or two at ‘home’ in Texas. As to playing Arkie in Jerry-world, they die for an annual ‘rival’ that they might beat. Might beat being the problematic part. They would be logical rivals with LSU (played them for years) but not much chance of beating them. Auburn cause they are Aggie too, academically. Again, there’s that might beat problem. They wanted to be our rival but had ‘welcome’ printed on their hats (doormats). I would suggest Lamar or aTm Consolidated maybe
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    Just need to lock-in our Defensive Texarkana recruits and the Hill people can have the acorns on the ground.
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    It's not surprising no matter how bad their coaching is. The academic side is nearing more Texas kids than Arkansas kids, and the school is waving out of state tuition for Texas kids.

    It ain't the Fayettenam that many of us remember. Walmart and John Tyson's "new" airport with nonstops to Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, LA, SFO, Chicago, NYC, Denver, DC, has changed the area, which is now full of chain restaurants, as well as local establishments. Nock got the height restrictions dropped on a case by case business, which enhanced development
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    6 TO’s. Wow
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    YES!!! Amazing the Horns won that day. I don't ever remember a football team college or pro that had 6 TO's and won the game..... James Street saved our bacon (pardon the pun) that day.
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    Sounds like we might just swing one East Texas lad from pork to beef.

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    but they carry the bacon for the pig people!
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    I 'spect they do! :yes:

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