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  1. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    He can not be the qb next year even if it means we start a freshman. He is NOT the future!!!!!
  2. WhHorn

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    I really hope this is the last time he sees the field in a Texas uniform. It has bugged me all,year that someone with his size can be tackled as easy as he is. It is like he just lays down!!! [​IMG]
  3. dalhorn1

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    I can't remember a player regress so far over the course of a season as much as Swoopes has done. If he plays next year, the odds that he'll have more turnovers than passing yards is almost a given. Play him next year and mark 7 losses before a game is played
  4. l00p

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    Gentry QB

    Swoopes TE if he is capable and willing. Good size for that if they can teach him how to evade tackles. He is the opposite of Melton back in the day when he avoided them. I am not anti-Swoopes, just not sold on him as a QB. If he can contribute in another position I would love to see him on the field and thrive.
  5. It Hurts

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    We knew he sucked last year so this year is no surprise.
  6. rickysrun

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    Maybe we should pay VY $100k to teach the zone read.
  7. Murphy'sBoy

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    I'm not sure about another position. He really does not seem to like getting hit or being tough
  8. Santafe

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    Exactly, Swoopes has played what, twelve games, and what has he learned?. Where's the improvement? He's still making the same stupid mistakes he made when he started in game No. 1.

    Swoopes needs to be forced into accepting another position, because he's not making it at quarterback.
  9. Handler XIII

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    We have other QBs on the roster, it's on Charlie that no else saw the field.
  10. OrangeShogun

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    Swoopes strikes me as the kind of guy that's just happy to be on the team. Unfortunately, he was very likely our best option once Ash went down. That in and of itself is a sad statement.
  11. Murphy'sBoy

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    Tyrone is a good kid, but would be better off transferring to a smaller school where his talent would be more in line to the rest of the players. Over his head at this level
  12. Tailgate

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    Terrible....just terrible.
  13. JohnnyBravo

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    How bad does someone have to play to get pulled from a game. WHo is even our second string QB? Do we have nobody behind Swoopes? I mean NOBODY!
  14. VYFan

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    He's the worst quarterback we've had since I've been watching, and that's 46 years.

    What doesn't show up in his passing and turnover statistics is his terrible decision making on zone reads, which just about destroys our running game, too.

    I feel sorry for him, because I've never seen a situation where any athlete--baseball pitcher, boxer, whatever--is made to stay in games in a failing, losing situation for two hours after he is defeated and has quit. Not having a player who could come in to replace Swoopes under these circumstances is what I find unbelievable.
  15. JohnnyBravo

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    Well said VY Fan!

    The guy game after game just seems to shout "please get me the hell out of here"!

    And they just keep him in. It is actually very sad to watch this... Poor kid.
  16. jayakris

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    Okay, now that the season is over, I am willing to talk about Swoopes. Tried to support him all along and keep a positive outlook as much as I could, but he pretty much took himself out of reckoning late in the season. Until his 6th start (the last minute ISU win), he had shown some positives and even some improvements in some technical aspects. Since then, just when we wanted him to start doing some things, he started showing that he just cannot do it.

    Watson gamely tried his best with Swoopes till about the 3/4th of the season but the moment the kid gloves were off and he had to make decisions and execute against the good teams, he only started to totally fall apart and regress. After the terrible W-L record in high school, this was a possibility and I hoped it wouldn't happen, but it did.

    Could he improve? I guess anything is possible, but chances are very low, and the risk is not at all worth taking. Beyond learning basic scripted plays from Watson and picking up a lot of yards against poor defenses (below national top-50), he has quite clearly demonstrated that he has nothing more in him. He can run quite fast straight up, but is not able to start quickly and is not shifty enough to design a running offense around him either - though I kept waiting for it to happen. If he is not making the reads at all, it was not going to happen. It is pretty much over for him.

    Sure, things could be a little better if he had a better OL that is able to spring any RB free against a good defense, but in the final analysis that is not the real reason. Swoopes' ceiling just does not seem to be much higher than where Watson took him with scripted basic plays.

    His average in 3 of the last 4 games (against WV, TCU and Ark) is 127 yards in 50% passing (about 29 attempts per game). 2 TDs and 6 INTs. One or two bad games are OK, but 3 of the last 4 (actually 4 of the last 6 starts) is plenty of evidence that he is not improving and was only regressing in the second half of his season.

    I would not even think of red-shirting Gentry next year. He and Heard should be getting the first look for starting next year. Actually I may even give Merrick a schol and try all three to pick whoever works out. One of them just has to. Most probably Heard, as he has a big head start. Watson will just have to devise an offense that works for Heard, unless Gentry is a superman to pick up a pro style during next summer or something. Or platoon them both for a while with designed plays for both. Whatever. Watson has to come up with a plan next year. At least he will have a minimum 2 extra bodies to work with, and hopefully a DL with at least a couple of new starters and some depth.

    So let us think positively and hope for Watson to do that. I would expect a couple of losses (may be even 3) purely due to the time taken by a new QB, by the 6th or 7th game, but by mid-season we better be ready to start winning every game next year. It can be done with a full complement of players, at least some depth at all positions and 31 or 32 new guys coming in too. If CS and Watson do not get things settled with the offense by the 5th or 6th game and reach at least around 9 wins next year, I will be pretty disappointed/upset. Willing to give them time till then.
  17. Htown77

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    Shawn Watson's starting quarterbacks:
    Miami (Ohio) 1992 Danny Smith (undrafted and no NFL experience)
    Miami (Ohio) 1993 Neil Dougherty (undrafted and no NFL experience)
    Northwestern 1997 Tim Hughes (undrafted and no NFL experience)
    Northwestern 1998 Gavin Hoffman (undrafted and no NFL experience)
    Colorado 1999 Mike Moschetti (undrafted and no NFL experience)
    Colorado 2000 Craig Ochs (undrafted but played in NFL Europe)
    Colorado 2001 Craig Ochs/Bobby Pesavento (undrafted but played 5 years in the Arena Football League)
    Colorado 2002 Robert Hodge (undrafted and no NFL experience)
    Colorado 2003-2005 Joel Klatt (undrafted and no NFL experience)
    Nebraska 2007 Sam Keller (undrafted and no NFL experience)/Joe Ganz
    Nebraska 2008 Joe Ganz (undrafted and no NFL experience)
    Nebraska 2009 Zac Lee (undrafted but played in the United Football League)
    Nebraska 2010 Taylor Martinez (undrafted and no NFL experience)
    Louisville 2011-2013 Teddy Bridgewater (first round draft pick. Played well in first NFL season)
    Texas 2014 David Ash (career ended due to concussions) Tyrone Swoopes (TBD)

    I have no confidence in our current QB coach to rectify the situation. He did not recruit Teddy Bridgewater as Bridgewater signed before Watson was hired. Maybe he will get lucky with Heard like he did with Bridgewater. That's our only hope.
  18. WorsterMan

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    He is done.

    Sorry, but I see no upside in Swoopes in the future. Maybe I am wrong but I don't think so. I take no great pleasure in speculating that.

    He does not inspire others around him, he has no obvious passion, he shows no emotion, no signs of leadership, no swagger and no apparent will to WIN!!!
  19. rickysrun

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    Ok smartasses, if Swoopes is out, then how will the crowd at DKR get energized if they can't play "Swoopes there it is"? Some of y'all are shortsighted.
  20. dillohorn

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    Swoopes is a good person. He's just not a QB. He showed no improvement all season. I doubt he could handle any position on the roster unless his attitude changed.
  21. ViperHorn

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    My criticism of Swoops:
    1. Poor decision making
    2. Locks onto primary receiver
    3. Does not go through progressions
    4. Not good at reading defense presnap
    5. Does not play well with adversity
    6. Too many turnovers
    7. Too many negative plays due to #1 and #3
    8. Not learning from mistakes

    Just too many negatives and had nearly an entire season to develop. I say open up the job but keep him as back up for 2015. Based on how 2015 goes have a long talk with him about moving to WR or TE.
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    How have we become cursed with such bad QB's the last few years in a talent-rich state? (Oh wait, I know the answer).

    We have become the Cleveland Browns of College Football.
  26. bck031

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    I would like to see Swoopes moved to another position. One where he does not have to make reads. Maybe TE.
  27. FWHORN

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    The coaching staff knew what they had in Swoopes and I think they knew that they needed to redshirt Heard anyway which unfortunately says a lot about Swoopes and Heard. I suspect that Swoopes has thrown his last pass as a Texas QB and that the battle next fall will be Heard/Gentry/some Juco QB that Texas goes after.
  28. duff_man

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    You could tell in the Spring game last year that the coaches were like WTF with Swoopes.
  29. bck031

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    FWHORN I agree about the Junior college qb idea. Blinn has produced some great guys.

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