Tacos N Tequila (restaurant/bar)

Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by Texas0407, May 28, 2010.

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    tntgrill.com/ at Pressler and 5th Street

    The food is worth checking out, but the drinks are **** and expensive...unless you like tequila, then they have a bad-*** tequila flight special. Foodwise, I would suggest getting the TNT Platter- it comes with your choice of 3 tacos and 2 sides. I got the pulled pork, chipotle shrimp, and corn-crusted chicken tacos with market corn and adobe black bean pie. All really good.

    The thing that sucks most about this place is that they don't have TVs. Not one. So I missed the first half of the Lakers-Suns game. I asked the owner if they were planning on putting any in. He said MAYBE one at the bar.

    The thing that sucks least about this place is the talent level. Seems like a jump-off point for lots of hot chicks starting off their evening before going out.
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    Went there for lunch Friday. The food was great and I had my tequila neat so I wasn't worried about the prep. But the pour was nice and lasted me all the way through lunch.

    The platter special now only includes 1 side so it's not really a deal.

    Will definitely go back.

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