Tailgating at FB games-the Texas way

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by BabHorn, Jun 12, 2015.

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    It's all about promoting and growing the brand. Texas fans love the tailgating experience, and are thrilled to have the opportunity to invest in the great Longhorn brand, starting at only $2,100 for the entire season. Now that's some exciting brand engagement with a Texas-sized ROI.

    No deep fryers.
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    F Patterson!
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    Well Stevie, you brought the circus element to Texas sports, now your bringing in the tents too.

    Here's a suggestion, you could charge a fee for people to go to the game for fans, then they could come back tell them what happened. I mean why go to the bother of having to walk to the game and sit through it. It might be bad weather or cold or hot. Better to pay someone to do that dirty work and stay at the tent.

    Maybe if you eliminated instead of adding a bunch of unnecessary things, ticket prices wouldn't be so high.
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    So they really are going through with it I wonder how many people are willing to pay 2100 bucks to tailgate no food or drinks included pretty steep
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    Circuses typically run thin margins and often exceed a reasonable debt burden, so I respectfully disagree with your analogy. Credit risk and general liability are issues as well although I acknowledge the clowns are funny. Those big shoes!
    Why do people “bother” buying a Mercedes or BMW?

    This is Texas, a premier brand experience with international appeal, not to mention a valuable asset on the balance sheet, which is something our supporters really get behind. A sound business model energizes the fanbase like nothing else.

    People are always asking, Hey Stevie, I’m a huge Texas fan, how can I help support healthy department operating margins? Well, this is all part of the mission. Stay tuned.
    If BMW hired their engineers from Somalia and moved manufacturing to the Congo their prices wouldn't be so high. QED.
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    6 home games at $2100. And that's only the starting point for one table and six chairs. More tables, more chairs, a bigger tent equals more $s. That does see pretty steep to be able to go later to just drop off and pick up your stuff. I thought the cooking, gathering of friends and so forth were the big things about tailgating. This seems fairly limiting on how many people can be at each location without spilling over to another one. For that kind of money that needs to be paid, how much friendliness and sharing with others will remain? One of the things I most enjoyed when I wandered around the tailgates was the opportunity to talk to complete strangers, drop in a few dollars for a beer and burger or taco and make new friends. While I no longer attend football games, I hope that friendly and sharing atmosphere will continue in the season to come.
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    I am retired and I have lots of money.
    The fact that I am retired has nothing to do with my time. Time is still valuable.
    I find the drive through tailgate concept intriguing. In fact, including a detail of my car would be attractive to me.
    The game day experience will be that much more exhilarating after some dried out ribs and a quick BJ by the attendant before my trek to the stadium.
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    That better be a hell of a car detail and bj for $2100 bucks
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    I think basing everything re:UT sporting events on this loyalty point system is going to come back and bite them--this sounds like something Jerrah would do :rolleyes1:
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    I am guessing the "Tailgate Guys" will control the entire mapped area rather than UT for tailgate spaces?
  13. Horn6721

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    Now Now that is 6 blow jobs.

    This comment by Stevie P " A sound business model energizes the fanbase like nothing else."
    makes me rethink my first conclusion this SP was just a clever imitator.
    This must be the real deal, the stupidity of that remark can come from no other.
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    I don't think that there will be many willing to fork over 2100 bucks to tailgate when you can just do it in the parking lots.
  15. NBHorn7

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    This is all you need to know about this.

    “It’s like walking into a ready-made party,” said one A&M season-ticket holder, who wished to remain anonymous.

    “There’s a certain romance to rolling in two hours before game time, and there’s all your food right there,” the A&M season-ticket holder said.

    Do you really want to experience some "aggy romance" at your tailgate. That's an ugly thought. I hesitate to call it "your tailgate" since you really had nothing to do with it.

    This could become an aggy tradition, if it happens more than once. That's something every Longhorn would want to embrace.

    Seems like any brand that is willing to shell out the big bucks for doing what is supposed to be a large part of the tailgating experience gets promoted.

    Sometimes convenience takes away from the experience itself. As soon as they can, you know they will take away all the traditional tailgating sites for this "we provide it for you for a fee option.

    Seems like "Big Brother" has taken over at UT. You fans can do whatever you want as long as we tell you what that is and profit by it.
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    I won't be using it. Before a game, I can have lunch or dinner at a sit down joint with cloth napkins and silverware for a lot less than $2,100!
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    I was looking at their website and noticed the following benefit, "Parking in reserved, adjacent parking lot". I wonder if this is Navy Parking (LBJ)? If so, that means "Tailgate Guys" were able to reserve spots before Foundation Donors.

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    Surprised?? I figured they would get parking along Dedman Dr unless those are reserved for suite holders.
  19. Horn6721

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    After I think 2 years at Auburn this group is providing the tv package to only 130 customers
    Not exactly a success for most businesses.
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    Gotta remember that the $2,100 for the entire season is the lowest priced package. Want more than one table and six chairs? That will cost extra. I would hope that for that kind of money, they would provide a valet to park your vehicle instead of you having to do it yourself like it sounds you will have to do.

    Those aggies quoted in the article spend $11 thousand last season and plan to triple that this season. Wonder if the more you spend, the more people you got setting up for you? I can see the next ad: For another $1000, you get an extra person to help set up your tailgate even faster.

    Strange use of "turnkey solution". I usually associate that with a software package ready to use but I guess it could work here.

    It is going to be interesting to see what posters think about this once the season starts and they are using it.
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    Have you been to Auburn? This deal is made for Auburn, Alabama. Nearest decent restaurant is a dozen miles away in Opelika, and it ain't good.

    As for Patterson's latest circle jerk, I dare say that bringing back the Whataburger trucks would generate more income. Besides, if God wanted me to eat reheated frozen food, He would not have given me El Patio as an option.:hookem:

    Patterson never understood the NBA, but he is a genius there compared to his knowledge of college athletics and the fans.
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  22. Horn6721

    Horn6721 Half of seeming clever is keeping your mouth shut.

    Excellent point. I have not been to either.Which make the fact that they have only be able to sell 130 of the TV packages at Auburn pretty pitiful OR it means auburn fans( stadium holds 88k) don't think it is worth it either.
    I wonder if Patteron has actually taken a stroll around to actually see how We currently tailgate.
  23. BevoJoe

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    Doubt it...
  24. mb227

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    What? Blasphemy! You actually thought he would deign to mingle with the masses...even the masses that would be willing to pony up for a FUBAR'ed concept like professional tailgate organizing? Seriously?

    Idoit! I'm uphauled...
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    I called today and LHF confirmed that Navy Parking will be given to "Tailgate Guys" patrons. When asked why they were given Navy Parking, it is because the University wanted to create more of a "gameday atmosphere".

    So the net result, donors like me that used to tailgate in Navy are now priced out and parking in a garage. We are replaced by pre-paid tailgaters at the expense of "gameday atmosphere"

    I am considering skipping tailgating (I enjoy the tailgate and not outsourcing it) and just drinking at a bar beforehand (great gameday atmosphere!). So much for getting to my seats on time. Sigh!
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    Stevie P. has the anti-Midas touch in regards to the Texas sports fan experience. Everything he touches turns into a big, steaming pile of corporate dung. No resell of purchased tickets, charged parking, commercialized tailgating...please just go away, Man. This is our team, not a cut-throat, corporate consultant playground.

    And this NAVY parking tailgating theft comes on top of plans to turn the Disch parking lot (used for tailgating for decades) into a parking garage. WTF does this guy have against our tailgating traditions we hold so sacred? Did any baseball or football season ticket holder have a problem with tailgating the way it was at either stadium? Greedy POS, this guy needs to go ASAP.
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    You're not really putting that number into perspective. Just selling 130 prepaid tailgating packages per game, is an accomplishment in itself.
  28. SabreHorn

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    "You're not really putting that number into perspective. Just selling 130 prepaid tailgating packages per game, is an accomplishment in itself."

    Indeed, 130 prepaid tailgating packages is a great "accomplishment" at a stadium with not a damn ting within 50 miles,a nd where at least 30,000-40,000 tailgate because there isn't even fastfood in the piece of crap town. Think Calvert without the antique shops. (I would say Kosse, but I consider Kenneth Sims a friend.)

    Auburn, Alabama, aka Clemson without the lake or academics, has nowhere to stay, nowhere to eat, and only one way out of town unless you own your own railroad locomotive or want a scenic tour of Opelika.

    If any school was tailor made for this business, it is Auburn. Penetrating possibly as much as 2-3% of the people is indeed an "accomplishment".

    Banana, do you know if Auburn gave them the parking lot between the basketball arena and Jordan-Hare?
  29. BananaChipBettor

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    The tailgates hold between 20 and 60 people, but we'll use 40 as our average. There are tailgates sold without the tv package, so lets just use 200 total tailgate packages sold. 200 x 40 = 8,000 people using this paid service. That's a little higher percentage than your 2 to 3% number.

    What does no where to eat or stay have to do with any of this? Because you have no where to eat, it makes you more likely to pay for a tailgate? I could see this coming into play if they banned free tailgates and only offered these pay tailgates, but that's not the case.

    Also, like you said, land is another big issue. Even if every person wanted to be at a paid tailgate, there is no way to accommodate those numbers of people. You will also find people like me -- I don't care to be out in the heat all day -- I'll go to Scholz for a bit and then head over to the Champions Club, to drink in the AC.
  30. SabreHorn

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    I am saying that because there are no other options other than bringing your own, this program seems to be ideal for Auburn. If, indeed, they get 10-20%, do those numbers work out to a fiscal success? How many parking places per tent? If each tent gets 8-10 parking places in that lot, then, in my opinion, that is your sales opportunity. Most of the Auburn people come from Atlanta, Huntsville, Birmingham, and Mobile, all of which are day trips unless you want to "party" in Montgomery. Been there, done that; it's easier to find a party in Luling than Montgomery.

    As for me, I am coming to watch a football game, and get back to the ranch or Houston. I'll park on San Jacinto or the garage, go to whatever we call that thing over at Bass and then to the stadium at least 30-45 minutes before kickoff.

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