Tailgating at FB games-the Texas way

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by BabHorn, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. BananaChipBettor

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    Bass Hall is the Champions Club during gameday. You're parking right by Scholz, so you should at least get you a beer for walking to Bass Hall. Then, we would have similar pre-game routines.
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    No, I park on San Jacinto or the Law School garage, which I think they call "the San Jacinto Garage". For years I would take my parking pass back to Bellmont and exchange it for that location. I have never left a game early, and always stop to thank the opposing fans (I have to walk through them to get to my vehicle) for coming to Austin and tell them I hope they have a good time on their visit. I can normally get from my parking space to Bastrop in 30 minutes unless some of our overly intelligent, $45/hr security service screws things up.
  3. BananaChipBettor

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    Ok, you have good parking. I thought you were parking in a state garage down on San Jacinto.
  4. Horn6721

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    Absolutely yes, having no easy place to eat before a game has a tremendous amount to do with the viability of paid tailgates. Do you get to any college football games? Do you eat or drink or meet people before the game?

    Are you pretty familiar with Auburn on game day? In general 130 packages for a venue the size of Auburn on game day doesn't seem all that great. After reading Sabre's comments( and it seem he is quite familiar) The 130 number seems pitiful.

    General question; I have not read the details of Stevie's paid tailgate packages. How many parking spaces do you get for the basic package of $ 2100? Does the allotted space take up one parking place and you get another in another lot to actually park your car?
  5. BananaChipBettor

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    I've already told you what I do for every game.

    After doing a little research, there are places to eat all around Jordan-Hare Stadium -- BBQ, burgers, Japanese, pizza, sandwich's, etc.


    The school itself has even opened up concession stands outside of the stadium to feed people:


    You aren't getting anything at a paid tailgate that you couldn't have at your own tailgate or find around the area anyway. These packages are being bought out of convenience and not out of the necessity of eating.

    Do you realize how large 200 of these tailgates really are? The Grove is 10 acres and usually has 25,000 people and you guys are laughing about 8,000 to 10,000 people paying for tailgating at Auburn? Most stadiums wouldn't have the room to support much more than this without really pissing people off.
  6. SabreHorn

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    Did you really look at that list of "restaurants" in Auburn? If you want pregame pizza, it's wonderful, and any place that has BurgerKing in it's Top 25 is in a world of hurt - NOT EVEN WHEN NORM BRINKER WAS CEO! I've been to Auburn in the 80s, 90s and a couple of years ago for the Alabama game. They have made remarkable improvements over the years, and no school has done a better job of reinventing its physical plant than Auburn, but half or more of those restaurants are over in Opelika.

    If you say that 130 is a huge number, I'll acknowledge that, but I believe it is better suited to certain BFE schools than schools in better locals. What is the reception in Tuscaloosa or Fayetteville or Athens or Gainesville or Norman or Baton Rouge? Like all food businesses, I suspect it is a niche market.

    FWIW, notice I left out FSU and the convicts, because FSU fans are too cheap to pay for anything, and this company can't possibly make it work off the 12 convict fans and the rest of them would steal the food anyway.
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    Git a rope!
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    Interesting..I called today(Fri) to ask about this and they said it was only going to be the northern most section on the Blue lots(#40). They said nobody had been using that lot anyway. It was a pay lot for many years but if I recall, there have been tailgaters in there the last few years.
  9. fw_horn

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    Navy lot is fully allocated by LHF donors every year. That doesn't mean every donor parks there every weekend. It isn't a public pay lot.

    In 2014 Lot #40 was Navy: http://www.utexas.edu/parking/football.pdf

    2015 it is now Tailguy Guy's: http://texassports_com.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/2015/3/5/2015_football_parking.pdf
  10. easy

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    Anybody sign up for tailgate packages?
  11. fw_horn

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    I don't think I'm going to pay more money to park and tailgate where I used to for just a donation. Probably just drink at a bar before the game now.

    Just too expensive to tailgate close to the stadium now.
  12. Wideawake

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    I received an email ad for this pay to tailgate scheme. I wonder how sales are going for these tailgate guys? If they don't sell any, does UT get any money?
  13. Wideawake

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    How was the tailgating for the first game of the year?
  14. nashhorn

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    Much much more sparse. At least on. san Jac walking to stadium, but I was there really early. Seemed many open areas that were packed years before.
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    The Paid tailgating area on the LBJ lawn seemed like a big success. Plenty of tents were set up when we arrived at at 4:00. We park in the Blue / LBJ Lot and go to the Champions Club in Bass Hall. We walk past the new tailgating section on the lawn..

    Also, enjoyed the new location for Longhorn GameDay.
  16. Mesohorny

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    We were at the T Association tent on the LBJ lawn. It was the big super-duper most expensive package setup by the Tailgate Guys and was nice: big tables with table cloths, 2 tvs, a ton of Pluckers, lotsa beers and Deep Eddy flavored vodkas. It got very crowded abt 5, not nearly enough chairs. They had a small wooden fence around it to control access, and coupled with a wristband shortage, they were lots of former players who couldn't get in and had to stand around outside of the tent on the sidewalk with their family and friends.

    At one point before it got crowded, we saw Patterson on the sidewalk peering in with a big goofy grin, at a tent that had maybe 30 people in it. One of the guys at the table suggested we throw our chicken bones at him. The former players I talked to have no respect for him and agreed with the airplane banner too.
  17. Horn6721

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    who paid for the T Assoc. tailgate there?
  18. Mesohorny

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    Don't know, didn't ask. We were guests of a former player. Probably the association. It was the high-dollar package, nice.

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