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  1. Buck-Horn

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    We need WVU to win out, right? Froggies up 3-0 early
  2. blonthang

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    Checked the details on ESPN, play-by-play.

    WVU took kickoff, return 1 yard. 3 and out, punt.

    Killer Frogs start at own 22, 10 play 65 yard drive to Neers 13, kick FG.

    Hmmm......yeah, early.....
  3. easy

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    I think If we win out we need wvu to lose 2 games because they hold the tie breaker on us or OU just needs to lose one game and we get in. If we win out
  4. easy

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    So has Robinson lost his spot at qb or is he still not healthy
  5. blonthang

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    After the first score, the TCU FG, back and forth 6-play drives and punts, then another 6-play drive by WVU to settle for a FG.

    Early 2nd quarter 3-3.

    Last week WVU v UT by end of 1st quarter 24 points had already been scored, 55 points by half.

    Go figure.
  6. easy

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    Dropped TD pass by sills and now tcu picks off the next pass
  7. Buck-Horn

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    WVU 17- 3, 3:42 Q2. I think our best path still requires WVU to win out. Help me with other scenarios to put us in the CG.....
  8. blonthang

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    Job One. Win out.

    If --- IF --- the Froggies keep up what they're doing right now and can maybe take out WVU today, and if Texas wins out over TT, ISU and KU, the Horns are in the Big 12 championship game.

    That's because Texas would be at 2 losses, one to WVU.

    Don't count out ISU yet, at 2 losses in conference, one to OU. Other loss to TCU. They beat WVU. If ISU wins out, including over Texas, they'd get into the championship game if OU beats WVU.

    Said another way w/r/t ISU's chances, OU and WVU are the only 1-loss teams right now, and Texas and ISU are the only 2-loss teams. OU lost to Texas. WVU lost to ISU. Texas and ISU each have given those two leaders their 1 loss (Texas over OU, ISU over WVU), so Texas and ISU are holding tiebreakers against one of the leaders (OU and WVU).

    OU has Bedlam today, then KU, then WVU.
    WVU is playing TCU right now, then @ oSu, then hosts OU.

    Texas is at Lubbuttock tonight, then hosts ISU, then @KU.
    ISU plays BU today, then @Texas, then hosts KSU.

    The conference race right now is:

    2 leaders tied for the lead with 1 loss each, with their head-to-head final week of the season.

    2 heel nippers tied at 2 losses each, BUT each with a win over one of the leaders.
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  9. blonthang

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    Well, Froggies, when you field the KO at your 17, step back 1 yard, then fumble, expect WVU to score a TD right away. They do.

    That's the second TD by WVU within a couple of minutes of game clock, not indicative of the game up to that point.

    Update: okay WVU warming up now, another TD 24-3 going into half.
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  10. Buck-Horn

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    WVU rolling now 24-3....
  11. wadster

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    We need WVU to win out. If they do and we win out we're in as OU would have 2 losses and tied with us, but we have head to head. Only other way is for WVU to get 3 losses which won't happen. So be WVU fans. I want them 11-1 when we kick their *** in the CCG
  12. Buck-Horn

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    Yea, the only real path I see is this ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. blonthang

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    47-10 early 4th. Forget TCU's upset scare, Neers are rolling.
  14. easy

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    Bring on bedlam. This has game been over for a while
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