Tebow Sr Year vs Ehlinger Soph Year

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by I35, Feb 2, 2019.

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    It’s off-season and we pretty much are done with recruiting season. So lately people are comparing Sam to Tim Tebow. So being bored I looked up some numbers of both players last year they have played. Sam’s 2nd season vs Tim’s 4th season. I’ll be honest, Tebow’s best season was his sophomore year as far as stats go, so I went to his senior year. They do have the same style and build. So here you go.

    Tim Tebow Sr year
    Passing Yards = 2895
    Pass % = 67.8
    Passing TD = 21
    INT = 5
    QB rating = 164.2

    Rushing yards = 910
    Rushing TD = 14

    Sam Ehlinger Soph
    Passing Yards = 3292
    Pass % = 64.7
    Passing TD = 25
    INT = 5
    QB rating = 146.8

    Rushing yards = 482
    Rushing TD = 16
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    Nice comparison. I don’t recall what Tebow’s receiving corps looked like but Sam has an abundance of quality targets. Sam could have a monster year in 2019 if he can stay healthy and dial down his instinct to run over people (although I love that competitive spirit in him).
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    From my perspective, assuming SE builds on the somewhat amazing growth he displayed last year, 2019 and 2020 should be very special indeed.

    The differences I see versus Tebow are these:

    Better Passer - Tebow couldn’t make it at the next level because of his deficiencies as a passer. While Ehlinger isn’t where he probably needs to be yet, he made great strides last year. From my admittedly unreliable memory, he has already passed (no pun intended) Tebow when it comes to passing skill, vision and accuracy. And, I think he will get better.

    Runner - While Ehlinger is excellent, Tebow was unstoppable. But, and it’s a BIG BUT, I believe that Tebow had a stronger O-Line. Ours is will get better and better.

    As the Longhorns gel, hopefully this season, Ehlinger may prove to be unstoppable as well. We’ll see. I can’t wait for LSU.
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    In addition to one of the best check down options in the nation with Aaron Hernandez (yeah, I know), Tebow had about 10 guys on those 2008-09 UF teams who could play the "ATH" position better than anyone we have. We have those prototypical NFL guys on the outside, but the sheer number of players they had with legit 4.3 speed and good hands way outnumbered our current roster.
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