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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by p_town_horn, Sep 21, 2020.

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    Likes: Schooler to slot receiver (Jake Smith may not play), Hookfin as 2nd string RT, Foster on the depth chart.

    Dislikes: Jones at starting RT (I am hoping Hookfin displaces him), no Marcus Washington (after a nice TD catch against UTEP he seems to have fallen off the travel squad??)
  2. Joe Fan

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    Herman said --

    Jordan Whittington's surgery went well -- looking at "about 3-4 weeks there."

    Jake Smith is "continuing to rehab. We're going to try to get him running on the ground tomorrow or Wednesday."
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    What happened to Vaughn?
  4. WorsterMan

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    I suspect this is solely because Hookfin still has a tender shoulder... once he is 100% suspect he will displace Jones.
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    Best defender is second string. I would transfer too if I were BJ
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  6. Joe Fan

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    3 walk-ons in the 2-deep
    - Money
    - Bush
    - Jaquess
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  7. Horns11

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    He's maybe the 4th best DB, let alone for the entire D. I'd probably rate him above all the LBs, but that's an untested group thus far.
  8. Joe Fan

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    Some notes from Nahlin --

    When asked who the best corner is right now, we heard Josh Thompson and D’Shawn Jamison go back and forth.

    BJ Foster has been in the rotation like he never left. We‘d be a bit surprised if he wasn’t suspended for at least a half against Tech, but we’ll see.

    Juwan Mitchell has been practicing with the ones and should be good to go on Saturday.

    The feeling around the program is the more Alfred Collins plays, the harder it’s going to be to keep him off the field. Could he really jump senior Ta’Quon Graham? It’s possible, through no fault of Graham’s.

    Jacoby Jones has been back and practicing after his family tragedy

    If Tom Herman rates Smith’s availability for Saturday, it would likely be “questionable.”

    Given Smith’s issues, as well as Jordan Whittington’s, the staff moved grad transfer vibe god Brenden Schooler to slot. How did he look? “Like he’s been doing it for a long time.”

    We may get to see freshman wide receiver Kelvontay Dixon this week. He’s turned heads with his ability to change gears and separate.

    Jake Majors has been progressing at center. He’s more natural at it than Rafiti Ghirmai was.
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  9. Joe Fan

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    “He’s a monster.”
    — Keondre Coburn on frosh DT Alfred Collins.
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  10. RainH2burntO

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    Funny how flexible team rules and punishments become when a big games on tap and your roster is low on players.

    (Not that I think he should be held out I mean...street racing, kids...whatever...but...)

    Not real smart on the kids part..There's only a couple streets to patrol..
    Texas Tech RB SaRodorick Thompson expected to play against Texas despite arrest

    Wonder if the bondsman will be at the game...just to be sure you know??
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    Jones has played pretty well. Glad to hear that Hookfin has come on strong. Both are young. With those two, plus Karic at LT, we’re looking pretty solid for the future at OT. We need one or two good ones this recruiting cycle as well.
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    I agree, got hit with a huge fine at 18 for Reckless Driving.... stupid kid thing.
    Almost kept me from entering Canada 30 years later.
    I had to pay $500 to become a temporary Canadian citizen

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