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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by NRHorn, Sep 26, 2022.

  1. WorsterMan

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    Couple of distant relatives are Tech grads. Both are professionals and not flaming AH's.

    FWIW, over the years they occassionally apologize for news that got back to them of really bad behavior by their fans toward our fans at Jones.
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  2. WorsterMan

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    Frankly I got over Horns down insult years ago at ou games...

    Does not bother me anymore and if close enough or directed toward me, I have some piercing negative comebacks for the person (usually drunk) making a gesture(s).
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  3. WorsterMan

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    Hey pal, 54-18.... is good first start as a jarring response to a obnoxious tech fan.
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  4. BevoJoe

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    So have I. When a Bull charges, they usually lower the head so the horns are slightly in a down position, and they knock the be-jesus out of their target, and then jerk the head and horns up right after they make contact. Check it out sometime.
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  5. 1sahorn

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    I was surprised it was on TV (Don't remember if I saw it on the game feed or on the LHN Game Day), but TV showed 2 rather well endowed tceh co-eds, 1 wearing a T-shirt, the other wearing a tube-top, both with "F*** TEXAS" on front.
  6. 1sahorn

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    SIAP. Just read that City Bank has coughed up the cash to pay tceh's $50K fine. That'll learn 'em sum good manners.
  7. Chop

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    All the older Tech fans I know are good people.

    Some of the younger ones seem to have that chip on the shoulder with regard to UT.
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  8. hornde68

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    Sent a copy of the ten minutes after the game to the AD/President each and every time they whine about not playing. Post it on the internet every time. $50,000 will be peanuts.
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  9. Horn6721

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    Why would City Bank pay tceh's fine?
  10. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Tceh Fan to Longhorn Fan: "We own Texas!!!" (horns down)
    Longhorn Fan to Tceh fan: "54-18"
    Tceh Fan: "Yeah, but we won" (horns down)
    Longhorn Fan: "And you have 17 other times in the past 72 years. So what *****?"
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  11. NRHorn

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    Boycott City Bank
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  12. NRHorn

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    I’ll need proof, didn’t happen without pics.
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  13. WorsterMan

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    VH4L using superior math skills on dumbass tech fan.:hookem:
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  14. George Bailey

    George Bailey No beans in my chili, thank you

    I've got a lot of older tceh grads in my family. I know another that is on the BOR that works with system schools like the medical complex in Abilene. I asked them why this is the case. His answer really surprised me. Not that it is true, but that he would admit it. He said that many tceh kids come from the Houston and DFW areas and from rather wealthy families. He says many that he has dealt with could never even dream of getting into UT or A&M. And there is a lot of pissiness about that. He said he's also encountered students that know they're in college and are just straight up douches.

    I also know of some older tceh grads that dream of competing with A&M in the vet and ag fields. Getting that vet school a couple of years ago was a huge deal for them. Funny, but you never hear them make claims like that in ref to their medical, law or business schools. They know better.
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  15. Chop

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    The South Plains and Panhandle is the agricultural heart of the State. It only makes sense that they have a vegetarian school up there to make it all happen--all those feedlots, and now dairy farms, really need those animal doctors.

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  16. 22Horn

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    need pis of gals in the shirts !!!!!
  17. 22Horn

    22Horn 500+ Posts

    thousands of feed lots and dairies....been feed lots all the way back to early 60's in Hereford, Dimmitt, Dumas and friona and piggies in Dalhart.....

    Hereford area still processes over 5m head per year...!! PUGH!!!! PEW!!!
  18. Horn6721

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    This confuses me
    "He said that many tceh kids come from the Houston and DFW areas and from rather wealthy families. He says many that he has dealt with could never even dream of getting into UT or A&M. And there is a lot of pissiness about that."

    So these families know their kids are too stupid or lazy to get into Texas
    And they are pissed at Texas?
  19. 1sahorn

    1sahorn 500+ Posts

    I'd like some of their pis too. Failing that, I'm looking for pics...I think it was on the Game Day feed on LHN. I'll keep looking...I KNOW I saw them.
  20. WorsterMan

    WorsterMan 10,000+ Posts

    Pretty simple to me.

    If your grades and deeds are not good enough to even bother to apply, OR you apply and are rejected? Then you hate, react and lash out against Daddy when you can!
  21. Horn2RunAgain

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    The treatment we get at tech will pale in comparing to what we'll see in some sec stadiums. Two a&m guys I went to HS with told me about how they were treated in the stadium and on the drive home. That was in 75 or so, not sure if it's better now or not

    Eta.. aggy road game at Lsu
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  22. nashhorn

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  23. Texanne

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    Straight up words. Showed it on TV.
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  24. Horn2RunAgain

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  25. 1sahorn

    1sahorn 500+ Posts

    So I'm not the only one who saw it.
  26. Sangre Naranjada

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    I saw it too, but given who was wearing them I just figured they were like shirts you could win at some bars for drinking enough different beers from around the world. They'd keep tabs and when you had bought beer from 40 different countries or whatever, you get a t-shirt to commemorate the event.

    I imagined in this instance, once those girls had banged 1000 random Texas dudes or thereabouts, they got one of those shirts. I say 1000 because you shouldn't give out the prize for one or two nights work.
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  27. Vino Bevo

    Vino Bevo Wine - how classy people get drunk

    To me it’s no different than our fans screaming “OU sucks!” during Texas Fight no matter where we are or who we are playing. I don’t like either one, but don’t think we have a case for bitching about it.
  28. Your Wrong

    Your Wrong 100+ Posts

    It has some similarities, but I’m not aware of others chanting OU sucks incessantly here, there and everywhere. A visual versus a verbal jab has significantly different impact.
  29. Phil Elliott

    Phil Elliott 2,500+ Posts

    Im just gonna throw out there that Ive been to many games at Jones Stadium and never had a problem. None at okst either. Lubbock and Stillwater are my 2 favorite road trips.
  30. Your Wrong

    Your Wrong 100+ Posts

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been to Lubbock, but no problems here either. None at Stillwater.

    Have really only encountered punks at Ohio State and OU, of course. You do get the singular jackass often at many places though.

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