Tenn playing Wed at 6 PM CST

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BabHorn, Dec 5, 2017.

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  2. BabHorn

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    wow! one hour after the game and their individual and team stats are already updated!

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    They looked very good. A crowd of 7k for a nothing game. We better bring our A game Sunday. This will be a difficult road game.
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    I think the key matchups will be in the front court. This will be the best and the biggest front court that Texas has played against. Jatarie and the other front court players have to do a decent job of guarding Russell and Nared in the post and on the perimeter. Texas also has to do a better job of rebounding in this game.
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    couldn't watch the game vs Troy. The video link kept cutting out. Kurupt is right about the frontcourt matchup. Especially need to watch Nared when she drifts to the 3pt line. With three LVs averaging over 8 rpg, our players are going to be challenged to keep them off the boards.
  7. BabHorn

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    wonder if the crowd will exceed 10,000 for Sunday?

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    Tenn was a bit sloppy on defense. Their big is tall but slow. Our depth will help. If we can stay ahead or at least keep it close in the first half, we should be able to outlast them. I would feel a whole lot better if we had Joyner for this one.
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    This is going to be a tough one... we'll definitely be challenged big time in the paint, on the boards, and they have depth as well. I'm sure hoping my first trip ever to Thompson-Boling Arena is a happy one... but I feel very skeptical.
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    TN fan here. You guys will be the biggest test for us so far this year, and with us starting two freshmen, it's going to be a tall order. They are going to have to defend Atkins & McCarty, probably the best two guards we have faced so far. You guys also lead the country in ppg. If we get in foul trouble, and have to rely on the bench for long stretches, it could be a long game for us.

    I'm glad that Holly & Karen have continued the series that Pat & Jody started. It's good for the game.
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    mtsuraider06, glad to have your input on the game. Should be a great game for fans to watch. I know you got some really nice frosh that are learning on the job this season. Looking forward to seeing how our team does against your height.

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