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Discussion in 'Tennis' started by Moooooo, Sep 15, 2020.

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    Women's roster is posted. As someone noted in another thread, Adri Nagy did not return to Texas for her sophomore season. And, as we've known since last December, Lexi Ryngler is not listed (had been reported that she would transfer to Pepperdine for her sophomore season).

    Glad to see Lulu Sun on the roster.

    2020-21 Women's Tennis Roster - University of Texas Athletics
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    Down goes #1

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    This was our 3rd take down of No. 1 in the last 3 seasons including at Florida last year and vs. Ohio State two years ago.
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    It's great, but frustrating to continue to drop matches to Baylor - twice this year!
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    Haven’t seen Peyton in the lineup lately, anyone have info?
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    I think she plays in some ITF tournaments. Bianca did the same thing.
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    Bought my NCAA Tennis Championships tickets today for all sessions that wil be played in Orlando!
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    Saw that there was a job posting for Director of Operations. Wonder who takes that...
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