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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by FWHORN, Jan 12, 2018.


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    I'm confused.....Carrington is promoted to the 10th coaching position and we follow that up by hiring an 11th coach titled quality control coach? I thought we could only have 10 coaches.
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    Two brilliant moves by Herman! This season may not have played out the way I wanted, but I am loving Herman's first off-season (first real off-season at least).

    We currently have a top 3 recruiting class (with a bunch of guys on campus early), an ace recruiter added to the coaching staff to help close out, and now a former OC and NFL coach as a QC coach!! Amazing job by Herman after coming off our first bowl win in years!!

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    The quality control coach isn't a position coach, more like an assistant, assistant coach. So he doesn't count as a 10th assistant coach.
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    The non-official coaches can’t eat at the lunch table with the players or call recruits. I just made that up by the way.
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    The Quality Control Coach usually is the one who does the film breakdowns. They can't do any off campus recruiting since they aren't one of the 10 official coaches.
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    Beck is the beneficiary of this as Mazzone was Herman's boot into Beck's a$$. Herman doesn't look good in this as evidently everyone but Herman knew that if Sumlin snagged another HC job Mazzone would follow him like a puppy. Carrington will stay the 10th coach so who is Herman going to drag in as QC?
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    I don't think there is a limit on Quality Control Coaches. I imagine Herman will find someone who can contribute at a high level.
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