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    So he called their bluff. Gee I wonder who will win?
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    Tesla Katy has a nice ring to it
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    Much better than Tesla Karen
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    He needs a rail spur that does not involve Houston Belt & Terminal. 290 has no rail spurs left.
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    Hidalgo County County Judge has ALSO sent a letter that has been acknowledged by Musk...interviewed this AM on one of the networks. Well-spoken and touted the region in far better terms than I likely could have LOL!
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  8. Dionysus

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    TSLA just popped over $900/share in after hours trading

    I’m interested to see how Ford, GM, etc try to play catch-up in the next few years. EV + killer software is the future and those guys have all their work ahead of them.
  9. Dionysus

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    Electrek.com: Tesla’s next factory is going to be in Austin

    ** This may not be a done deal yet but Tesla has been looking at Austin and Tulsa in recent weeks.

    Tesla's next factory is going to be in Austin, Texas, and it's going to happen quickly - Electrek

    A source familiar with the matter told Electrek that Tesla has chosen Austin, Texas, for its next factory, and it’s going to happen quickly.

    The race to secure Tesla’s next factory is apparently over.

    According to a reliable source familiar with the matter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is set on bringing the next Tesla Gigafactory, or now Terafactory, to Austin, or at least close to the city.

    The people familiar with the project said that Musk has tasked the engineering team working at Gigafactory Nevada to start the process for the new factory, which is expected to make the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck and the Model Y.


    Tesla’s CEO also reportedly wants to move extremely fast.

    We are told that the decision for the site is not set in stone since Tesla was apparently given a few options in the greater Austin area, but Musk is said to want to start construction extremely soon and aims to have Model Y vehicles coming out of the plant by the end of the year.

    It would be an even more aggressive timeline than Gigafactory Shanghai.

    However, we are told that Tesla would aim to only have a general assembly line ready on that timeline and it would keep building the factory around the first phase in order to increase production capacity of different parts next year.

    By late next year, the new Texas factory would be producing Tesla’s new Cybertruck electric pickup.

    Tesla already has some connections to Austin.

    When Tesla started building a team of chip engineers for its Autopilot hardware 3.0, it hired several engineers from AMD’s corporate offices in Austin, and Tesla decided to open an office there for its Autopilot hardware engineers.

    Recently, Musk has been talking about moving Tesla’s California operations to Nevada and/or Texas due to the automaker’s difficulties working with the local government to reopen the Fremont factory, where it currently produces most of its vehicles.

    This project is not directly related to that announcement.

    We are talking here about Tesla’s previously announced plans to build a “Cybertruck Gigafactory” in “central US.”

    Update: After we published this report, three different publications happened to “coincidentally” report, each based on a single anonymous source, that Tesla was in talks with Austin and Tulsa last week.
  10. Dionysus

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    NY Times: Tesla Negotiating Incentives for Possible Texas Vehicle Assembly Plant

    Tesla Negotiating Incentives for Possible Texas Vehicle Assembly Plant: Report

    (Reuters) - Electric carmaker Tesla Inc is negotiating possible incentives with a Texas county that could bring a new auto assembly plant to the area near Austin, the state capital, the Austin American-Statesman reported on Monday.

    Travis County Commissioners Court is scheduled to discuss terms of the deal on Tuesday, the paper reported, citing people with knowledge of the situation. A vote is expected in the coming weeks.

    The paper said it was unclear whether the negotiations with Travis County show that Tesla has picked the Austin region as the site for the plant, which would build the company's electric pickup truck and Model Y SUV, or if the company is also negotiating with officials in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Tesla officials could not immediately be reached to comment. The company's chief executive, Elon Musk, has tweeted previously about the possibility of bringing a plant to Texas. Oklahoma also has been mentioned as a possible site the plant.

    Musk is no stranger to Texas. His SpaceX spacecraft manufacturer has a launch site in the southern tip of the state near the village of Boca Chica.

    In addition to its vehicle plant in California, Tesla has a battery plant in Sparks, Nevada, and a factory in Buffalo, New York, that produces solar panels and other energy generation and storage products.
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    1. Today Tesla announced 2Q earnings and reported a profitable quarter, despite the Fremont CA factory being closed for several weeks. This makes four straight profitable quarters which qualifies the company for inclusion in the S&P 500. Inclusion is not automatic but it seems likely to happen in the near future.

    2. They picked Texas as the location for the next Gigafactory. (I’m glad they don’t call it a Gig’emfactory) :hookem:

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  12. AC

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    Never thought I'de see Elon Musk doing the Hookem sign. Pretty Cool. My daughter would love to work there. She wants a Tesla. I would love her in Austin, then my wife would be ok moving closer to ATX.
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  13. Dionysus

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    Tesla Energy will be bigger than automotive,” Musk said during the company's quarterly earnings call on Wednesday night, pointing to a shift to sustainable sources such as wind and solar.

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    Tesla has indicated it sees substantial opportunities to further expand vehicle production and sales, but Musk succinctly outlined his approach to growing the business by saying, “We want to be, like, slightly profitable and maximize growth and make the cars as affordable as possible.”

    “If anything, our cars are not affordable enough,” he acknowledged. “We want to fix that.”
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    Tesla needs to invest in 4th generation nuclear.
  16. Dionysus

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    Today Tesla announced a 5-for-1 stock split to happen on August 28. With shares trading at around $1,400 this should open it up to more retail investors.

    Elon Musk has referred to the Gigafactories as products unto themselves: “the machine that builds the machine.”

    The Texas Gigafactory prep work outside Austin is coming along.


    Berlin Gigafactory progress:


    Tesla cost for factory sites:
    $140M for 214 acres at the Shanghai location
    $48M for 740 acres at Berlin
    $97M for 2,100 acres at Austin
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    ~$46K per acre still seems spendy to me when you are buying 2100 acres. But, coming from California, Musk probably thought it was a bargain.
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  18. Dionysus

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    Proximity to the airport and the city of Austin, local talent, the Texas economy, etc is worth something.

    Ultimately though, given the expected production to come out of this factory they could have paid twice as much and it would still be insignificant.
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  20. Dionysus

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    I saw recently there was a poll of engineering students, and the top two companies that most wanted to work for after graduating were Tesla and SpaceX. The best engineers aren’t going to Detroit, and the future of auto will be heavy on software.
  21. Joe Fan

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    This is sort of Tesla-related

    Hyperion's new XP-1 hydrogen-powered car
    can hit 220mph
    goes more than 1,000 miles on a single tank
    0 to 60mph in 2.2 seconds
    minutes to refuel
    aerodynamic solar panels change position with the trajectory of the sun
    hydrogen energy is renewable and doesn't produce harmful emissions but it's difficult and expensive to produce
    only 300 cars are being manufactured for the XP-1's initial rollout in 2022


    Hyperion's 220mph hydrogen car runs 1,000 miles on a tank | Daily Mail Online
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  22. Horn6721

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    I want one ^
    can someone start a GoFundMe for me?
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  23. AC

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    Horn6721 buy bit coin and u won’t need a go fund me! My 17 year old is Up 154% Per year so far and she doesn’t know **** about investing. Anyone can do it. Just stay away from **** coins, only Bitcoin!

    Dion, since the Tesla split now is a good time to invest? Ross Gerber says it goes up exponentially from here. I believe him!
  24. Horn6721

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    Where do you go to buy it?
  25. Dionysus

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    It splits Aug 28, trading post-split begins on the 31st. I am super bullish on Tesla.
  26. mb227

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    BUT...the question is whether you see an overpricing in the run-up to the split like happens with some stocks (also seen in the days prior to a stock going ex-dividend). That COULD make the post-split holdings somewhat more costly than exists a few days AFTER the split when some look to sell and lock in profits.
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  27. Dionysus

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    Correct... as I write this TSLA is up $120 today to $1,770.
  28. Dionysus

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  29. AC

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    I am going to buy Tesla soon, like this week! The only stock I will own for the time being.

    Horn 6721
    I use bitcoinira.com for my IRA and Roth IRA. They are backed by a $100Million Lloyd's of London Insurance policy and BitGo Trust has the best encrypted offline storage of your coins on the market. I trust their security.

    If you just want to dip your toes into Bitcoin. Use Cash App. Then after you buy the Bitcoin, transfer the coins to an offline wallet. I use Trezor.io. Ledger Nano is another great product. You buy the offline wallet and it ships to your house. Then you load the wallet from your online wallet in cash app. I hide my keys in a safe fireproof location and I use two locations. You do that and your secure. Bitcoin is uncorrelated, peer to peer, permission less, and no central bank interference. You'll make money. I believe this bull market will last until December 2021 or perhaps into 2022. We shall see.
  30. Dionysus

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    Tesla closed at $2,001 per share today. One year ago it was $220.


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