Texas and Sam Ehlinger Tops Preliminary Potential Profit From Name and Image...

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by RainH2burntO, May 28, 2020.

  1. RainH2burntO

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    I thought we had a thread on the subject but, if so, could't locate it. I mentioned somewhere a while back that I thought this concept, if approved, would have the potential to benefit Texas.
    Here is Sam at the top of an initial ranking of current athletes projected earnings if rule were in place today.
    The heart of the piece isn't really Sam....it is the potential for future recruiting fodder by The University. BC already tweeting this stuff out...
    Brand agency: Sam Ehlinger could make close to $1 million from NIL
  2. Austin_Bill

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    Imagine what will happen at USC when they get their next great QB or RB. I know we look at this and say we are in the state that not only has a huge population but is the most football crazy. However USC is Hollywood and they will be the team that everyone will want to sign with .

    I hope we can get into a conference where we can have a long term relationship with them moving forward. With Nike money, I could see Oregon also doing well in this.

    Of course, you know Bama, LSU, Florida, Ohio State, Notre Dame, will all have big followings.

    Another school that will hugely benefit from this might be BYU they something like 16 million Mormons I could see kids there making a lot money off of this.
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  3. ViperHorn

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    USC's QB's and RB's are judged on a curve. Whoever the current one is they are "the next great" just because they are USC.
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  4. Horns11

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    I feel like the players would probably be monetarily fine with using their likeness for ads and products, but if EA Sports came a knockin' and said "you get a free copy of the game if we put you in it," something like 99 percent of the players would be fine with being snubbed the "real" value of their likeness. I did the math: it would cost EA about $800K to give away a game to every athlete/coach in it.
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  5. VYFan

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    So, can a mega-rich booster pay the whole team a lot of money to pose as a big group for an ad? Could Red McCombs run an ad right now with Bijan Robinson in it and pay him $500,000?

    It all seems like a disaster waiting to happen.
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  6. ViperHorn

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    Just think how much Big Red Motors can funnel in such a manner.
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  7. X Misn Tx

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    this has been my contention all along.

    Brockermeyer Brothers...the face of Joe Jamail Law Firm.

    Camar Wheaton...the face of the Jim & Miriam Mulva Family Foundation
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  8. SabreHorn

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    Everybody talks about Big Red Motors, and that is fun, but they ain't that big a deal. Now if OU re-institutes the "million dollar walk", that would be cool.
  9. 2003TexasGrad

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    USC and Texas will both get theirs.
  10. Statalyzer

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    Yeah - I get the idea but it's going to turn into a de facto pay-to-play scheme for any school with wealthy enough boosters.
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  11. AustinHorn24

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    So what?

    When I was in college, one of the students in my engineering classes was a whiz kid. Raytheon paid him $150k while he was still in college for an internship. All perfectly legal.

    Why is it that NCAA athletes don't get to partake in the same deal if someone wants to pay them for their talents?
  12. SabreHorn

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    For the same reason that the NCAA says football players cannot have jobs during the school year. Been a rule for over half a century.
  13. BevoJoe

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    That's been my thought, but also boosters setting up an ad agency, signing on all the players and funneling big $$$ into the players pockets for photo shoots. The payments would now be legal and the boosters get a deduction if the company is a flowthrough entity. Not as simple as this, but it might be a big win all the way around, or as you point out, a dumpster fire. Get enough boosters to set up the entity with exclusive contracts with the players to keep others from horning in on the deal. Question is how long does the contract last? If they own the rights and let's say Sam is a Heisman candidate, would sports magazines and perhaps news papers have to pay to use a photo of him? After he graduates and assuming he lands in the pros, is that contract still enforce or did it evaporate upon him competing in his last game? Lots of "what ifs" to address.
  14. Statalyzer

    Statalyzer 10,000+ Posts

    I presume that he had to do some work for them during this internship?

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