Texas and the Big 10..could it happen?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by BrutustheBuckeye, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. BrutustheBuckeye

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    How about Texas coming to the Big 10? It seems that you would be welcomed and a good fit here.
  2. oak forest horn

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    Thanks for the welcome, but giving up LHN might be a non-starter for everyone. Great football and passionate fans up there. Just seems like our fate is going West.
  3. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Catholic like Sarkisian

    But then where would Nebraska run off to?
  4. geezerhorn

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    However, the "welcome" I got the last time I came to Columbus for a game cured me of ever wanting to return.

    Get back to us when your school decides to use it's considerable influence to correct a serious problem. The local police even turned their back on us while being threatened by the locals.
  5. BevoJoe

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  6. Tan Ted Deki

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    I appreciate the good nature of your post but I very much hope this doesn't happen.

    - had an awful experience with osu fans in 05 and I've heard some pretty bad things about other big 10 fans from people I trust
    - the center of the conference seems a million miles from Texas to me.
    - I think it would be a strategic mistake to give Big 10 schools direct access to recruiting the state of Texas (big pac schools have their hands full with recruiting california)
    - There's just too much history in that conference that would dwarf Texas in my opinion.
    -being in the same conference with nebraska again is a recipe for some drama that I wouldn't wish on your conference execs. There is serious bad blood there at the top level.

    Just my two cents.
  7. BrutustheBuckeye

    BrutustheBuckeye 25+ Posts

    Geezer and Tan,

    I do understand your sentiments; however, after our fall from grace, I believe the next time around it would be different. We have been running with our tail between our legs lately and hopefully, we will never treat anyone like that again.

    I again, send my apologies from those of us here that appreciate great and proud programs (such as Texas) and great games (like we had on the field) and despise those that act like total idiots.
  8. WashU-Horn

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    I live in MI and do business in MI, OH and IL on a daily basis. This region of the country is on life support. I DO NOT want us to join the B1G. B1G is pile of **** and it is going to get worse - trust me on this. Joining it does nothing for us.

    PAC16, new ACC or Indy all the way.
  9. Texas Taps

    Texas Taps 5,000+ Posts

    Open the bank and we'll see
  10. utempire

    utempire 1,000+ Posts

    I would prefer the big 10 vs the pac 12 not just for football but would be great for basketball as well. As long as we continue to play ou I'll be happy with either. Please beat nu to a pulp for us.
  11. Shark4

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  12. LoudHorn

    LoudHorn 250+ Posts

    It's not just that Wisconsin fans are juvenile fat drunks, it's that they flaunt it and look down on everyone else. How can we possibly compete?
  13. XOVER

    XOVER 500+ Posts

    I think the B10 is by far the best conference for Texas.

    Let's review some of the advantages:

    * Great football schools with the best overall academics of any conference.
    * Critical eastern exposure which maximizes Heisman votes, and AA players.
    * Texas joining might persuade ND join, thus setting up a potential yearly home-and-home.
    * Largest population base of any current conference with the potential to expand into the New York City and Washington D.C. markets.
    * Central time zone, plus easy travel in the middle of the nation, thus insuring maximum exposure and convenience.
    * Better division than the "desert division + CU" that we'd get stuck in if we joined the PAC10.
    * Best exposure of any conference.
  14. TEASIP84

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  15. AmazonHorn

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    It seems that the choice will be to keep LHN and opt for independence, or give up the LHN and join a conference, since both realistic conference options (B1G, PAC 12) would require it. Hard to know how to compare the value of a stable, vital conference affiliation vs. the value of the LHN---which may take a few years to fully realize. I'm beginning to feel like conferences are a bit archaic and maybe have outlived their purpose. And if any university has a culture/mindset that screams "independent" it is the University of Texas.
  16. majorwhiteapples

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    If we go to the Big 10, my donations end and I give up my season tickets to all sports.
  17. BigVegasHorn26

    BigVegasHorn26 250+ Posts

    Sounds like B10 would allow us to join with LHN in tact, but we wouldn't be able to share in B10 Network revenues. All other revenue shared equally.

    A move to the Big 10 does not sit well with me.
  18. utempire

    utempire 1,000+ Posts

    I would like to play Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State, Iowa, our automatic win vs nu.
  19. Shark4

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  20. nwking

    nwking 250+ Posts

    I do not think it will happen

    However, I'd really like to see Texas playing in Ann Arbor, Madison, Columbus, and East Lansing! Great academics and great basketball schools too.

    I just cannot get excited about playing out west or in the desert.
  21. HI_McDunnough

    HI_McDunnough 500+ Posts

    The Big 10 has some great schools and great football traditions, however, The PAC 12 does too. It also has CALIFORNIA. I would much rather raid California's recruiting than Big 10 country.

    Also, did I mention traveling to California sounds a hell of a lot better than going anywhere to freeze my *** off in some 50% unemployed rust belt dump?
  22. wadster

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  23. Shark4

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  24. tholly

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    Top people tell me the real reason neb went to the BIg is to win conference in baseball. This would really piss them off. Actually, I'd like to play PennSt, OSU, and Mich on a regular basis. Not excited about MicSt, Ill, Ind, Purd ... but every conference has some matchups that aren't as appealing. Throw ND in there also and I'd love it. I read something on a Northwestern site mentioning the possibility of Texas coming to the BIG with the LHN, but opting out of BIG network money. Maybe ND would agree to that also. Not sure about how that would work with TV rights but maybe a possibility. I'm all for being in a conference that is good for UT and good for the conference. No doubt that the Univ of Texas system has a lot more mouths to feed than just about any other, but can't we all just get along.
  25. nwking

    nwking 250+ Posts

    Shark4, the Big House is among the best venues in college football. I've been there and I am also a long tome Texas season ticket holder. It rivals a Texas game in every way.

    I cannot get excited about playing out west or in the desert. Would much prefer Big 10 where sports is a passion. All sports. And their fans come out to the games. Also, academics are beyond reproach.
  26. accuratehorn

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    The Big 10 would be ideal for Texas in football, and a great fit in academics. However, all the other sports would be a big problem, and without a regional solution to the "Olympic sports" I can't foresee a move to the Big X. I would like it myself.
  27. Shark4

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  28. texas_ex2000

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    Thankfully, fans' vacation preferences have nothing to do with selecting an athletic conference. So glad to hear the B1G is the frontrunner now.
  29. BrutustheBuckeye

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    I agree. [​IMG]
  30. texas_ex2000

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    Do they even have football stadiums in the Pac-12?

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