Texas at Kansas

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by WCBBNUT, Feb 15, 2020.

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    I'm just curious, what "games" are you referring to here?

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    Where do I apply?
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    Disagree, that’s why you hire assistant coaches. Hire assistant coaches that are familiar with the state.
  4. Hornzupp

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    Anything that doesn't revolve around...
    Developing their skills during 8 mos of practices
    Building them up with constructive, productive feedback
    Coaching them during the game
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    Yeah, ok. Semantics mean nothing to me. I only care about Texas being great again. So, any combination of the incoming staff must be able to sign Texas players. Assistants, Associate-Head, Head, whatever. LMAO. Get a % of the best in the state to come to Texas-- and we're in better shape than we're in now. :texasflag::bevo:
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  6. justabbfan

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    Glad I didn’t pay ESPN+ $5.00 to watch the game since it sounds as if it was not worth two cents.
  7. xdxmmxchxxl

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    Even with the ups and downs of this team, I never thought we would actually lose to Kansas. I am embarrassed. I’ve never said it before, I’ve been a big proponent of Karen; she needs to go. We need an new offensive playbook, we need new leadership. We need a fresh set of eyes to completely revamp this program. Fire them all and start fresh.

    I wonder how many transfers out we will have post-season. Just hoping it’s not Celeste or Charli.
  8. hoopsalot

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    Unless you are a Kansas Jayhawk fan. It begins to look as if Brandon Schneider's efforts may be finally bearing fruit. Kansas is very much improved. Last weekend, TCU did not pull away from Kansas last weekend until the last few minutes. NO, please do NOT read this as saying I think the loss was anything less than embarrassing! I did not begin to accept that Texas was really going to lose until a few minutes into the fourth quarter. Even at halftime with a 10 point deficit, I did not think a loss was really going to happen.

    Relating to all the assistant coach discussions? Texas Tech hired Larry Tidwell a couple of seasons ago. If you do not know who Larry Tidwell is, you do not follow women's basketball in Texas very well. For whatever reason, the Texas Tech job did not work out and Tidwell left last Spring after only one season. He was promptly hired by Schneider. Smart.
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    There are some very good assistant coaches out there in WBB, and Tidwell is considered among them.

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