Texas at Oklahoma St.

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by DINO22, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. DINO22

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    Who is Texas leader on the floor.
  2. uisge beatha

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    One of the talking heads during half time just said Tennessee is the best team in the country
  3. bystander

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    And reality has rejoined us in the guise of us being down 46-32 to a 6-8 team. Make that 48-32.
  4. Statalyzer

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    We're crawling our way back into this, it ain't over yet.
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  5. bystander

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    I sincerely hope to be made to eat crow!
  6. Statalyzer

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    Liking Ramey's defense here of late. We've cut it to 1 with 12 seconds left!

    EDIT: lol accidental deletion, then I re-posted, right as you replied, making it look as though time time-travel took place.
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  7. Statalyzer

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    Well that was a lousy final possession.
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  8. Htown77

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    We can beat or lose to anyone. Nothing surprises... except maybe a long Big XII winning streak.
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  9. caryhorn

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    2 of 22 three point shooting. Friends, that is a 9% hit rate. That will lose a lot of games.

    After working effectively to get points in the paint in the two previous games, that strategy was abandoned tonight. Why??
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  10. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    And that's the main problem. No adjustments based off game flow. Change the game plan to stop jacking 3's and take the ball to mid range and down low shots. It's really not that hard unless he is just letting them play street ball in which there is no plan.
  11. FWHORN

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    I got home in time to watch the second half and even with the Horns down 17 I stuck around because well sometimes I am just a freaking masochist. I knew when I started watching that the Horns would make a run even possibly make it close but still lose what was a very winnable game. All the deficiencies this team has will make games like this all too common, I keep looking for 8 more wins on the schedule to get to 18 wins overall and a possible NCAA berth, and if the team that beat UNC shows up I can find them, but the team that lost last night and lost 3 of 4 at home to end 2018 will be lucky to finish .500 overall and get more than 5-6 conference wins.:brickwall:
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  12. YearOfTheSteer

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    That was the most atrocious game of basketball I may have ever seen from the Horns. Awful shooting, silly turnovers, terrible rebounding and just failing to get loose balls. It was amazing we were even in the game at the end. If we cannot beat a fairly bad OSU team (even on the road), it is going to be a long season. Shakka's seat should be hot if it's not already.
  13. Horns11

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    I actually thought they did a pretty good job with the turnovers after they got down by like 20. I think they only had 2 the rest of the entire game, which was like the last 3 minutes of the first half until the final buzzer.

    Roach was doing well in the second half, and Hayes was solid. It's a shame that Sims just isn't Sims this year... we could use the bigs depth in order to help out the guards who are stuck trying to do it all.

    Ramey was atrocious with the ball, and he let the OK State people get to him.
  14. Walking Boss

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    This is why you just can’t get excited about any victory by this team or any squad here under Smart. At the same time can’t worry about any loss because they might shoot lights out and beat Tech but I doubt it. Can’t see them making a game of it at the Phog. This is what you get when your coaching is about the 8th or 9th in the conference.
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  15. blonthang

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