Texas at Texas A&M Corpus Christi April 30, 2019

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by FWHORN, Apr 30, 2019.


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    neither team doing well but the weather here is great, the field is great, you can get a Whataburger on the concourse and I have 8 great seats. Whoop, as our Aggie friends would say.
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    Crazy windy here today; wind howling out of the southeast and really humid down here on the bayfront. Probably gonna be some long balls tonight.

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    Horns losing 8-2 late in game. Some seasons just need to end and be forgotten. This is one of them.:whiteflag:
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    Texas loses 8-2. Scored 2 in the first and didn't cross the plate again. I just hope we can win the Kansas series. The Horns are 2-8 in their last ten.
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    When my son was playing club ball in the summers during HS, I loved playing at that stadium.

    There's nothing to do about this season but just ride it out and wait for next year. In these times of despair, I find comfort in knowing these guys are my boys and, even if they lose every game, they are still my boys.
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    Okay, so burnt orange glasses on here.

    Take at least 2 of 3 from KU (not a gimmee --- seems this team can beat high ranked teams in Austin but have trouble with what should be Ws on the road), and take 1 or 2 from OU in Austin.

    That should get Texas into the Big 12 tournament.

    Win at least 1 there, should get a regional invite somewhere.

    Then, well, this team is neurotic, bordering on psychotic (in a good way). They could win a regional or go 2 and Que.

    They'll grow up and next year and with Hamilton and Petrinski back they'll get it done.

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